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Richard Branson, Hundred Dollars, Million Dollar discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show


On the island you on with Richard Branson is what's well probably you know a bunch of lemurs and big turtles but for those kind of things there all sat over there can you explain to the audience how rich you are I mean I think Sir did you arrange for John Elway all right let's do it this way if if you want to go all in with something better than your own then the island with Richard Branson what are you going all in one it's funny you say that said you sold that but no I you know what I've what I've enjoyed right you just mentioned the rants of LA you know I enjoy the relationship will get out there and it's just us we'll sit and talk and last and tell stories so it's not about that stuff luckily we got cool stuff but it's the people you're hanging with and having a great time with you know and and you know I mean I just took forty of my heart my grade school friends you know fiction right I mean it's you know used to connect with your roots and you know it's just the people are you still someone who will drive through a drive through I haven't done that were three days but yes absolutely well let me ask you and feel free to come down here with a hundred dollars enter my idea to a million dollar idea but I have this idea the marijuana industry my name is to god I want to start a strand called Stupak's good idea yeah partners seventy thirty my way I love it yes all right what all right a lot of people get in touch with your people the next step for your people remember to get in touch all right not it's not a stupid idea right it's a very good idea thank you okay and you're bringing a hundred dollars right just to clarify all right all right well I look forward to see into the show thank you for being on with us go and it sounds like a cool show I imagine you already succeeded or failed and you don't want to tell us what you did right I'd say it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life I mean it was really really of a lesson on yes yeah turning the other cheek and fallen down a million times but it it was all that is the hardest thing that you had to do the sleeping in the truck or was there something harder than than that was easy you know it just got harder and harder and to a point where I said why in the world right wrist all my reputation and all those things and that was part of what it is right is you get to a place where you think this is too much pain I need to give up and when you don't give up you become proud of you know who we are so petered out there a little bit but we appreciate your being on with us and we look forward to watching the show thank you glad I appreciate it hi guys talk to you later the Saudi dialect are shown in the am radio me game tickets find your seats at vivid seats are you looking for senior care for your mom or dad but don't know where to start hi.

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