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John Jeffreys the late. Senator John McCain was eulogized as a man who devoted his life. To public service during a memorial service at Washington's National cathedral yesterday former President Barack Obama, said McCain embodied, the best America has to offer we come to celebrate an extraordinary, man warrior statesman patriot former. President George W Bush also spoke in call McCain courageous decent and honest in, an. Emotional, tribute. Megan, McCain said the America of. John McCain doesn't need to be made great again because America was always great private service is set for. This afternoon. At the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland NATO, forces. In Afghanistan have a new, commander US army general Scott Miller took over command in Kabul Sunday as Washington. Continues to deal with the seventeen year long war against, the Taliban the former commander of. The US joint special operations command set at a ceremony that American forces cannot afford to be complacent the us has been working to increase pressure on the Taliban with more airstrikes, more troops, to train, local, Afghan forces but a, Pentagon report earlier. This year found. There's not much evidence it's having a significant impact a Colorado schoolteacher who attacked a student over a refusal to stand for the, pledge of, allegiance retires Angela, Anderson, has details Erin Smith pleaded guilty to. One count of child abuse resulting in injury at February a student. Accused her of grabbing him by the jacket had forcing him to his feet after he, refused to stand, for the pledge while valley school district rules allow students to either, sit or stand during the. Pledge of allegiance span while serving eighteen month deferred sentence Angela Anderson NBC News Radio Texas police you semi truck caught fire Friday morning causing cans of axe body spray to. Explode and launch themselves all across the highway no one.

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