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Will deliberate a couple of minutes sp wbz news time is four thirty nine and midtown temperature is forty seven the mayor of union city is promising residents they will find whoever illegally dumped twelve thousand tires there was a fire here in the woods how dangerous is this this would take us an extended amount of time to extinguish lieutenant dennis more with the union city fire department hoping to get the piles and piles of huge black truck tires out of here as soon as possible because they pose a huge hazard it said i saw ricky sewell head of the neighborhood watch tells me homes here in the south wind subdivision cofer two hundred to five hundred thousand dollars he's furious i think that it's a health issue that's a hazardous materials issue in union city robin will linski wsb jury fulton county convicts the man accused of gunning down a forty four year old father while he was pumping gas college park twentysevenyearold brian duffy will be sentenced later forty four year old kenneth oglesby was headed to his nieces fear in ohio when he was killed in october two thousand sixteen police say duffy was wearing us scream mask only drove up to always be attempted to robin and then shot him despite a lot of controversy the state house votes late last night to approve a new city in henry county a heated debate even cross party lines the house votes one zero two to sixty seven to allow nearly a third of the city of stockbridge and part of henry county to hold a referendum to create the new city of eagles landing representative sandra scott opposes it if you're going to take part of the city all of the people that will have to pay the bill presentative ed riders spoke for it these people didn't get didn't get to have the vote of the rest of the county when they were annexed measure has to go back to the senate to approve changes made to the bill from the state capital senior parrish wsb governor has to sign it been the people who will be affected in a new city of eagles landing would have to vote on it but the issue still alive oh speaking you're still alive georgia's house votes to make computer snooping a crime this is essential for attorney general to be able to prosecute cybercrime in our state representative ed settler supports.

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