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And Mitch Stravinsky all the men business global stocks are lower there's some new concern over the weather will get U. S. China trade deal now WGN traffic with very bad at all crews are still clearing this accident on the tri state north on it Sir mac out of the right lane to semis were involved in this crash some heavy delays remain from about one hundred and fifteenth the even south on thirty eight Simone twenty five Kennedy fifty out to the airport with the rain continuing as an hour and a half on the end on Kennedy from here about fifty five from the even forty five express Iman I can our five from three ninety forty eight from Mannheim fifty five out to three ninety inbound side of the Stevenson fifty from the tri state our twenty five from three fifty five in the Ryans twenty five from ninety fifth bishop Ford and fifty seven both jammed up from Sibley we have tristate delays are pretty much from a ninety fifth up to Irving park and also on three fifty five it's slow into at two ninety and on lake shore drive from Brynmawr on down to Belmont accent long Grove in olden cannery in route twenty two for personalized traffic on demand get traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hyperx just search T. R. A. F. F. I. F. Chicago Vandervell fanatic traffic center remind you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death now the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center here's meteorologist him to kill most of the heavier rain is now drifted east across northern Indiana just spotty showers out there this morning and that's a pot what we'll see the rest of a spotty shower sprinkles and drizzle here and there windy and mild high today around fifty five attempt is falling in the forties by late this afternoon as colder air comes in tonight becoming partly cloudy breezy and colder down route twenty eight tomorrow plenty of sunshine but only thirty nine for the high on Friday and we stay below average through the weekend Saturday mostly cloudy chances of light rain or snow it's mainly south as they think forty for the high Sunday partly to mostly sunny forty one Monday mostly cloudy forty six intimate given the double jump when the service forty seven right now it here it's forty eight with some light rain at.

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