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She's running for congress. And there again, the the pledge on the part of Democrats is because we're of a certain religious background or ethnicity or skin color will better represent you completely cynical approach to politics. I think I can conclude at this point that the Democrats have given up and trying to convince you that they're gonna make your life better. They're they're not they're not trying to convince you that they have policies that are going to make us more prosperous. They've given up on that they want to stoke anger and resentment in your mind and your heart. Enough at President Trump that you will just go to the polls just to get back at him. Or that you use a typical scare tactics. And now they're just so angry that Trump's done so well that they're sending out the these thugs and even state races for these state political offices where people are being accosted after Maxine Waters, Cory Booker encouraged people to get up in your face, get up and people's faces. Don't relent we're not gonna let Brett cavenaugh sleep. Well at night another thing she said a couple of days ago. So that's a green light to the thugs on the left a green light get up in their faces. And you know, some of these people take matters into their own hands. Shane Mack lend is a Republican candidate for the Minnesota house district. Fifteen b now we don't usually cover state races. We got a lot on our plate with the. Well, the congressional seats that are up, of course, this midterm cycle. But he like the news report that you saw the woman the news report that you just heard was also recently attacked physically attacked in beautiful wonderful. Nice Minnesota what is going on there. And he joins us. Now, Shane it's good to talk to you. My listeners wanna hear what happened because again, this is not this is not the way that I have ever experienced Minnesota. But it looks like someone's getting getting egged on here. Welcome. Thank you for having me. I I would agree with everything you just said. So what happened is I wouldn't do a local bar restaurant. They have a big banquet center. And I went to see if they would be interested in letting us rent that, whatever. Event they have all the statewide candidates. They're a meet and greet type thing. When I walked in someone recognized me an actual the campaign was going, and then people just kind of circled around. I guess. One young man was asking me policy questions, and then told me about himself. He ended up wanting a yard signs. So we I gave him one and then another gentleman entered the conversation, and it was a back and forth. Didn't seem any thing to be worried about at the time. I know my rights, and I was talking to that gal over there. And the next thing I knew he he yelled out a political statement was something you bleep and people don't give a bleep about the middle class. And he sucker punch me. I didn't see a common. Kitten hired taller chair. And I went flying back and once my head hit the ground. That was all I remember. Oh my gosh. That and I can tell you. It was a very big guy. Did did he? They did catch up with them two days later. Found him. He basically told them that the deputy asked him whether or not I said or did anything to provoke him and his answer was no. The deputy asked him. Did you give them any warning prior that you were going to hit him and his answer was no. Deputy asked him do you know where you hit him? And he said, yeah, right right in the eye. So is he arrested for assault. They haven't arrested charged him yet. They're waiting for the. To determine a level of a charger waiting for the medical report as well as the video surveillance. And near obviously.

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