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Highways, Saint Clair county single in closures causing stop-and-go traffic there. I six ninety six eastbound between I seventy five in graduate. The left two lanes are closed and traffic is slow from Woodward and looking at your weather forecast this afternoon, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny with a high near seventy five tonight, showers and thunderstorms likely mainly before. AM mostly cloudy, a low around fifty seven Friday, mostly cloudy, high sixty nine Friday night, rain thunderstorms likely after two AM cloudy, low forty seven right now. Seventy six degrees. From the town hall dot com. Newsroom city Detroit officials are planning on spending one hundred million dollars to make road improvements. This year, the city will be tackling projects on major roads in the city as well as residential streets as part of the work, crews will also be taking care of the issues and commercial sectors as well. Contractors who will be awarded the projects, we'll have to have at least fifty one percent of their workforce made up of Detroit. Residents Detroit police are continuing their investigation into the discovery of a woman's body inside the trash dumpster. The body was found Wednesday morning outside the park, you towers square -partment building and Bradbury drive near Lafayette on the city's east side. Police received the call for the building around ten AM and found blood and one of the elevators they followed the blood trail to the trash container where the body was placed investigators reportedly have a person of interest in the case. But no arrests have been made. I'm Kevin Sanderson on the patriot FM one zero one point five, and AM, fourteen hundred another crash on the way. Are you prepared? Mary is after the two thousand and eight crash my retirement portfolio. My 4._0._1._K. Really took a hit and I vowed never to allow that to happen again. So I went out, and I got educated, one of the things that sets Online Trading Academy apart from other schools, is the fact that the instructors are not academics. They're real world. Traders whom have traded in the pits in Chicago me NYNEX in New York,.

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