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Thirty we'll talk about the latest from the World of celebrities wrapped up in some kind of sexual, accusation. Scandal of the big one today is the CBS CEO Leslie Moonves, and also, there's been some talk about Gavin Newsom s- former. Wife Kimberly Kilfoyle who who left Fox News. And his, apparently dating Donald Trump junior seems to be a very but anyway there are people claiming that one of. The reasons she left Fox News was She'd like to show personal photos of male genitalia So Did over that for a woman to do a beautiful woman showing pictures of penises and I'm supposed to get. Upset maybe it was two people wanna see yard snowflake. World That's funny It's it's time. To go I thought you said that was disgusting when men send penis pictures. To women, so yeah I think it's funny if a a beautiful woman does that no. Double. Standards, yes. Interesting right we'll talk every most guys would agree that there was all about whether or not the person finds it funny or finds. It disgusting About the messenger Your funny. Little, world view no. It's, common worldview. Yes normal people. You always horrible if Kimberly Guilfoil came up to one. Hundred guys here if Debra Mark showed, me like, penis pictures of? You know what the hell's the matter with. Won't show you don't worry I just had to. Use your You only shown to me no I won't show it to you. Either be you want to see it. Would be funny if you did I would laugh. If I showed you penis pictures I would think it was. Funny. That you were doing that okay I'll find some and. I'll I'll show them to you Him in there do you get caught up. In the metoo that's true then I'm. Gonna get in trouble he could not fake and. You out I don't get offended so you don't have to. Worry. He's faking you out to entrap veg beginning of fed Here's one more vagrant, update and it takes us to. Ventura where we took the show up there in may remember. The beach promenade and the steakhouse were Anthony Neely junior was stabbed in the neck by a vagrant named had real problems according to this update from the star they've increased patrols during June alone they made one hundred ninety arrests involving one? Hundred and, fifty two people at dente fight as homeless of the two hundred and sixty two, charges filed in connection with those thirty two percent related to drugs twenty eight percent while what do you. Know the already had an outstanding warrant for? Their arrest. You know if you went out. In the street and just picked one. Hundred people at random I don't think you'd find a. Quarter of them already had outstanding warrants, for the arrests They're claiming we're not arresting people just because they're homeless but because they've committed a crime There were four hundred seventy. Six calls in June reporting some type. Of alleged criminal activity in relation to the vagrancy that's. What vagrancy is made up, of. That's the kind of. People who are. Who are doing they're up to no good right they're not. Unlucky people they're not noble they're not people. Who just had a. Bad run of things. They're either. Clinically mentally ill or they're bad they do, bad things they don't have any Any decent. Moral sense about them Sociopaths they. Don't care if they're stealing. Stuff that's just, you steal stuff you sell it you get some money you by drugs. And that that's that's their life They also claim, that. The city police parks and public works department work with social services. To conduct to, riverbottom sweeps thirteen camps cleared three occupied three occupants accepted programs and services Laughed thirteen camps three and nobody wants to see the. Rest said that that's why. Just go. Somewhere else yeah you spend all the stupid. Garcetti money building half three. Million dollars for forty five? People in a in those stupid trailers? It's a waste of money they don't they don't want it. Back and appreciate it, it's not gonna change anything when do people get that when does. This crowd get it at you can't fix, these? People and, they don't want your help they'll take your freebies, but they're not gonna. Exchange. Your help and then change their lives they're not gonna take your health involves rules right you really that's simply learned, from this in, the past, year we've talked about it yeah The deal should, be give you help but you change your life they're not going. To do that it's that you give me, freebies? And I'm, gonna keep doing what I'm doing that's their deal, almost every one of. Them That's what. The whole idea of people living in these homes, where? There, are no rules. That because they got. Fed up like me can't get them inside because. They're, only by rules and it's fun especially young and middle aged guys jerks was what was it called a wet house right yeah to be dry you can be, wet we got more coming. Up John and Ken KFI Debra Mark has news hundreds of firefighters in Riverside County have been working to stop a fire that's burned about eighteen square miles near Idyllwild has. Been burning since Wednesday five homes have been destroyed thousands of buildings are threatened that fires just three percent contained the. Man accused of starting it and eight others has pleaded not guilty to more than a dozen arson charges the Riverside, County DA's office says more charges could be added since that fire near Idyllwild is still. Burning defense lawyer Joseph, Cammarata says their thoughts. And prayers are, with the firefighters and the families affected, if these fires were intentionally. Started our hope is that the. Person responsible is found so that this does not happen again the man charged. Good get life. In prison if he's convicted The news is brought to you by the kitchen store homeless advocates in Orange County, are trying to stop enforcement of rules against public encampments an amended, complaint demands more shelter space for. Anti camping laws to be enforced lawyer broke Weizman, says? The, county needs about. Three thousand more beds. For seeking to ensure that people who have no. Alternative, to being outside or not criminalized for behavior that they stop being arrested simply for being in the parks and on the streets she says people who once lived, in the Senate at a. River trail have been ticketed for camping and loitering the issue does not have a court date before the federal judge in Santa Ana Andrew mollenbeck KFI news arrested a woman. Accused of stealing a set of wedding and engagement rings while getting her nails done in studio city the woman allegedly. Grabbed the rings from aside trae last month slipped them into her person walked out after paying for her Manny petty, swipe was caught on video President Trump has thank North Korea for returning dozens of sets. Of remains believed to, be of US servicemen. Killed during the Korean war these incredible American heroes, will suit lay at rest on sacred American soil The remains turned over today are believed to be some. Of the more than two hundred North Korea. Has held in storage for a while they're being flown to Hawaii for scientific testing forensic exams will be done to confirm they are human and to see if. They belong to American or allied, soldiers traffic from the, helpful socal Honda traffic center, it is slow on the four zero five in Irvine this northbound delays.

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