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You that the ultimate so cna brand should i sent gurov wrapping up a legit then rob if you're saying that the save every time but you know we talked about the depth of that defensive line born i can get get to the quarterback chris long i think you know matched up with those those wide splits they have it'll be interesting to see you of the patriots allocate help on the edge to plumbing he's played well all things considered but watch it chris long apply the pressure that led to the interception of the pick six last week using the speed rushed to the outside and you talked about clock cox's ability to tie up multiple blockers he's strong east quickies athletic very disruptive blair i think the patriots will have their hands full against that defensive run one more question i have about this defence of the eagle's i remember you know you go into the game against wade phillips in denver and everybody was saying well wade phillips does what he does an end brady knows all about that defense and how a deal with a right they'll schwartz avidan if because i've heard it and it had a true he he tends to do what he likes to do the schwartz habit in him with two weeks of game planning to throw things at brady to as greg vidar loves to say spin the dial towards brady and try to change things up or do you think we'll see what we expect the same he'd be stupid not to and the patriots were peric for everything and i you know i talked to a lot of guys this week about the off coverage and does that really make a wide receivers eyes light up and first thing they said was will can't just prepare for that because they can press and they can't there's absolutely lawn fruits at at so if what the what they need to do if you're the eagle's you have to play a little press you have to give these guys a street fight at the line of scrimmage and then if you have you the.

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