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It passed by That'd be shared and you realize this A squadron of military jets flew over the cemetery in a missing man formation to, honor the, eighty one. Year old navy fighter, pilot and Vietnam prisoner of war confirmation hearing set. To get underway tomorrow for supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh Democrats want them postponed because the White House is, withholding one hundred thousand, documents on cabin citing executive privilege done intense mock hearings. To prepare for. This week and sources tell ABC news he is not expected to offer any sort of commitment to recuse himself. From cases involving investigations of the president the father of emerhed Iowa college student does. Not want, her, daughter's death politicized anymore Molly Tibbets dad, writing op Ed in the Moines Register challenging the words of President Trump a plea from the grieving father of Molly Tibbets Rahm Tibbets writing this op Ed and the. Join register with this request in bold don't distort her death to Vance. Racist views, Mr., Rivera yuko Malaita the officials even man, charged with killing the twenty year old Christian Rivera is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico the case immediately drawn into the center of the national conversation on immigration a person. Came in from Mexico illegally And killed her Tibbets writing I encourage the. Debate on immigration but do not appropriate Molly soul in advancing view she believed were profoundly. Racist the US says the self proclaimed leader of, ISIS Afghanistan is dead officials, say Abu Araca I was. Killed in an August. Twenty fifth air strike in eastern Afghanistan this marks the third time. In, ISIS leader has been, killed by. US forces in Afghanistan.

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