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Coming up on KCBS officials in one California county are searching for a lock down that can last On We go to the case. CBS Sportsline Sounds like Kevin's sculpt some more bad news. Well, yeah, the Patriot League has joined the Ivy League and called off fall sports Because of the pandemic, the league's 10 division one schools will not compete. This fallen football, soccer and women's volleyball. The Patriot League, by the way, is comprised of Army Navy. Boston U Colgate, Bucknell, Lehi, Lafayette Holy Cross Loyola, an American University. Meanwhile, Southeastern Conference, Athletic directors met to discuss how the SEC could have a football season as covert 19 cases spike. Throughout much of the South. That's going to be an ongoing conversation, the NFL unveiled the Oakley mouth shield, which way they will distribute to all 32 teams. The shield was developed in hopes of protecting players against Cove in 19 droplets. Two plastic sheets extend down from the onto the face mask, and they'll have some covering their in the NFL and the players Association are meeting today to talk about the protocols. With training camp scheduled to open in two weeks and in case you missed it from the MBA. Rockets guard Russell Westbrook announced he tested positive for the Corona virus He's in quarantine did not travel with the team last week. To Orlando, James Harden and Luke and Babu T. Also not with the team. Not sure why. No reason given for their absence. Mike D'Antoni said he expects them to rejoin the team. In the next three or four days. Here's the good news. The MBA announced today that of the 322 players tested since arriving at the bubble. Only to have tested positive for covert 19 at the Sports desk. Kevin Radic, KCBS An app may tell.

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