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As bronzes South Bruce Elleman Brooklyn to talk about the instinctual away. She makes Music Jammie with Joni Mitchell and aprases riding with the legendary Wayne shorter that set to be released next year while this list is really beautiful scholar. Good vibe and it's huge is actually reminding me how much I love to be in the studio. It's been about a year and I think that means it's time to go back soon. You haven't been in a studio in a year and was for that that was for twelve little spells for the four bonus spells. It's actually a sixteen little spells now because because of some of the finagling that one must do when you're dancing to the music industry which wanted sixteen originally but they don't want it twelve grand for there to be. Ah Second Wave and reason to talk about the product again I was asked and encourage more songs. 'cause apparently I'm I've yet to grow into the awareness of what it is to generate music as commodity I. My first instinct is is to figure out a way to just release it big in around and wide So I wanted to release the twelve little spells one every day at twelve twelve leading up to my birthday and I wanted to just blast them out because I wanted the the effect of the spells to reach as many people as possible But that's it's hard to capitalize on that approach some in collaboration with the label. We came up with the idea of well. Let's make former bonus balls and then there's a reason to go get the record some now. We should explain little spells. Which was your last full album. Yeah was they were twelve songs now sixteen but they were based on different parts of the body. Did the concept come first for that or did the songs come I? It came as a hit almost like an instruction manual I can remember I was in transit. I don't remember from where to wear but I know that by the time I got home to my apartment I had written out the outline of the whole project that it was twelve little spells in the title and what the title was saying which was an announcement of what this work is as an interim peace before the next big project so the titles. Twelve little spells. Tide you over till the next full thing touch and my touch in mine. The longing deep down you have to dance now. No all limbs are readying to rise dancing the animal with others and it was A. It's a sort of poem explanation of what this product is until the next project which is about dancing and movement and dancing that the wild untethered free forms of dance with structured presentation Yes so tell me I got home here. The song titles here were their effects on the body and I had my instruction manual and then I spent a month in some changes just assembling that structure assembling that entity from the instruction manual. So you roll that on the subway. No I wrote it all in a castle in Italy. Okay but The Dow is sounding better. Yeah that was amazing. That was amazing. Every morning I will be You know go from where we pick up your espresso on the morning of you so desired and they had me in the converted pig pen. 'cause I will I don't WanNA BE IN CASKS? I figured it would be extremely haunted so I would go get my espresso and walk. Around the periphery of the castle back towards my converted pig pen which is in another type Part of the grounds and pass as an Uffizi almost every day. Who's working on her book? And just that process of witnessing a master craftsmen sitting in witnessing the development of their piece page by page you know was the fuel part of the fuel. I think For making this happen because you know the creative processes abstract it feels sometimes like you're doing nothing. So it was so encouraging and affirming to witness another person in that practice accumulating that by that they came to work on thou dissolves the descriptions of you your prodigy or this year that. I would like to lean into the microphone now and Dispel those myths that hours a prodigy. Or inally I. I wasn't a prodigy. I'm I have a talent and music and I found my way early on but I have seen prodigies I know prodigies in a think. It's like A. It's like a subset of the species and I just. I partly want to dispel spell that myth because I think it's misleading in. It makes it seem like maybe there's something special or something different fundamentally above all you know my makeup as as an entity as a humanoid and it's not true in a there there are some folks who are in their exceedingly rare And then there are other folks who just figured out a way to get a lot of practice in early on. And it accumulates and then you can do things that other ten year old can't do but it's not necessarily because I was a prodigy. It's because I. I played a lot. You know practiced the will. Is that good? Because you know prodigies and being prodigy often is. It's it's maladaptive They don't it's if you're great at something when you're five often you doing the same thing at thirty five and four. You know. There's always those this great classical musicians. Who are you know who are described. As the fifty year old child prodigy Can't get past What what they did a certain age right and I the part that I hear resonate with about that quote unquote prodigy. Part is simply the part where nobody can explain why you can do what you can do. and I I think. Part of what sets prodigy apart. Is that for the same amount of time that their friend in the music school puts in this kid gets more done. Somehow somehow there's able to do more for reasons that nobody can explain and at a certain point when you want to expand past what it is you become good at but you don't remember why you can do what you do. That is intimidating and stressful. It can be and I can appreciate why you wouldn't when lean into that territory And there are some aspects about you know my practice that I'd cycling. Before the divination there are some aspects that. I'll know I'll know how that happens. How it works but when I try to apply that to a new. Let's say like riding on opera doesn't work then you just like Okay there's a process here there's a there's a skill set that must be developed to yield the same results over here as I'm able to yield over there without having necessarily mastered that skill set so Jason I have compassion for the fifty year. Old Child Prodigies Mount Their What was your first experience of music than what do you remember? Well it would be my mother singing and the House and making up little songs about whatever was happening in the moment song. She had this one. She don't need cry cozy. Emma is by Yama who love him on oven. The leave you. You don't need the crackles your Mama his you know. I'll know where that comes from. But she should always have this little soundtrack happening to life It was a wakeup song. There was prepping the meal song And that is my first memory music. My first memory of music Out There Liz. Hearing you'll Ma Amazon neighborhood like that so many times in my life but it was in your Ma Ma hearing the buck cello sleep. I don't know if it was a Omar. Is the bacteria sleaze by the way he was the vehicle and Mister Rogers neighborhood Mister Rogers neighborhood Which also the interesting piece about that episode is. After Yoma performed they went to make believe land In that episode. The next thing that happened is lady. Aber Limb was dressed as an upright bass and the other woman character was playing upright bass and I don't have a conscious memory of seeing that but that again was like the download that all came at once and then it's a humbling recommend. Oh I'm again just. I'm just following the programming that I didn't even realize I received you know what five memory on Mister Rogers Neighborhood Nevada? Actually have this really interesting it since. I only know that that happened. Because I've seen it since I don't have a conscious memory of seeing that in the episode. What I remember is hearing. I don't know it was about the time I can remember the trickling in the this Almost.

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