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Filled state visit complete with dinner in the eiffel tower and a bass deal day military parade down the shawn's elise now trump is returning the favor the american version comes with a state dinner and 21gunsalute macron will also address a joint session of congress joel mccower yang deputy editor of xpress magazine says emmanuel macron has been cultivating donald trump macron has built something which is very precious micro has built a special relationship between him and donald trump analysts say the two leaders will need all the bonomi they can muster to work through there differences in tackling issues like trans atlantic trade russia and iran historian nico bashar al says despite being dismissive of nato and europe trump needs mccone he needs someone to talk to europe he has no kherson to go to use a bad relationship with theresa may has no relationship hardly any we've girl so veggies my call who is young and trendy and as a sort of popularity on the world stage but trump wants to share of with britain consumed by brexit and germany it's coalition politics matt kerryon says macro is unique among european leaders for now mccain is the only bus of europe who is allowed by the others to talk in their names that's why it takes advantage of these position which is not going to last for years to show the american president that europeans have also the possibility to help america as they did in syria and that america needs also europe emmanuel and donald as the two leaders are said to call each other spoke on the phone daily during the joint bombing campaign of syrian chemical weapons sites and the french and us military worked hand in glove one of the most urgent matters the two will discuss is the iran nuclear deal trump must decide in may whether the us will back normalized trade with iran in exchange for the country halting its nuclear weapons program europeans are solidly behind the deal and are counting on macron to try to convince america says false walk clemenceau commentator for europe one radio new test of the capacity of emmanuel my call to make g american administration and the american people understand how crucial this issue is the security in the region in european the middle east and beyond is at stake trump and macron do have a few things in common they're both outsiders who've overturned their country's political establishments and they.

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