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By the way, Later at the very end of the game 2 minutes left right after the two-minute warning another fourth and one for the Raiders that the ball just past the forty-five yard line and they were up for Thursday 2:30 to it's an eight point lead. Two minutes left you have the ball and eight point lead instead of punting it away to Patrick Mahomes. They said you know what we're going to go for it and I watching at home and went yes, how the stones to do it. Cuz what you can do is give Patrick Mahomes the ball back. Why would you give the greatest quarterback in the NFL right now the ball it makes him or Russell Wilson, you can debate that doesn't match. My point is you don't give that guy the ball less than two minutes left with an opportunity to take the lead and beat your at least to tie the game and beat you and so the Raiders went for it. They got it. They won the game 4232 and I Homeland yes, Jon Gruden understand. There are four things. You gotta do to beat the Raiders. You cannot be afraid to risk it. By the way, you can't be afraid to not go for it and forth here the four things and again you need to do all for you. Miss. If you get three of the four, you're not going to beat Kansas City, but if you do these four things you'll beat the Kansas Chiefs number one. You got to play your best game. You gotta bring your best to the table number to you need a little bit of luck. Everyone's lucky. Maybe you get lucky beat Kansas City number three when they make mistakes, you have to take advantage have to make them pay for their interceptions or they're holding penalties or they're dropped passes. Whatever you have to make the Chiefs pay when they make mistakes and number for do not be afraid to go for walks on fourth-and-short. This wind fired me up. The Raiders did all four. That's why they beat Kansas City and I'm not hating on the Chiefs but man Kansas City has not played a clean game all year long. Finally. The Raiders were the first team to make them pay for it. And that's good football man. That made me go. Oh, yeah good for the Raiders good wind and dated those four things, right? That's why they beat Kansas City off on Sunday, or I'm going to take a short break my voice certainly needs a my Sudafed still hasn't kicked in. It's driving me crazy coming up next. We're going to talk about Justin Herbert the dog. Chargers quarterback, I still want to say San Diego for some reason even years later and then later towards the end of the show will talk about the bills and the Titans and we'll talk about Le'Veon Bell who the Jets just received. My name is Akshay Kumar. I'm taking a short break. I will.

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