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More often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Most of the rain is falling in Orange County right now from a line of the county line to Long Beach on down to about the San Diego County line and oceanside and it's moving on into the inland. Empire, Los Angeles. Not really. Paying the bulk of it right now, it's turned out to be kind of an unpredictable storm. We were telling you last night that this could be the main rain event, that's really been pushed back to all Wednesday and Thursday, but we can tell you is that the atmosphere is so that this is just gonna continue to bring us on and off rain for the next forty eight hours. We do have a flash flood watch for the race in Bern areas until eleven o'clock tonight. Still have that winter storm water until four AM another twelve to twenty four inches of snow above six thousand five hundred feet. They should all clear up by the end of the night on Thursday right now. Santa Clarita, fifty four degrees, Ontario fifty-six answer, but oaks has fifty two at seventy seven another rainy day across southern California. It's been coming down hard in some places. We begin our in depth team coverage with meteorologist Mark tibido? At the Weather Channel still looking at the potential for some localized downpours. A flood. Watch does continue for the region through eleven M this evening. We are looking for the potential of some light to moderate rain showers. Any one of these could cause a few problems, especially in the Wolsey fire burn area. The holy fire. Burn area though. Those are the spots. We are the most concerned about as light to moderate rain continues to diverse southern California tonight also watch for overnight dangerous ponding of water on roadways. Standing water that could present a problem as well. More rain, maybe one to two more inches of rain on the way Wednesday night into Thursday. And they're definitely on storm watch people affected by the creek fire and Caygill canyon. Lopez canyon and little tahonga need to be prepared to evacuate with the fire. Charred hillsides already soaked the potential for them to give way only intensifies especially due to the unpredictability of the storms because they contain thunderstorms that can have very high intensity rainfall associated with them. It's the perfect storm if you will to create mud and debris flow. Mark portray director of LA county. Public works says right now, the county's debris basins have plenty of capacity, but the back to back storms means they will begin to fill up.

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