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Model with that oval shape instant pot telling abc news and its customers that they will provide next steps about replacements shortly but the company has not issued a recall is all but there's a lotta great family meals the the safety of homes hookers on the minds of many after a recent episode of a popular tv show portrayed a malfunctioning fictional crock pods setting fire to a popular characters home he's smoked crock pot clarifying in a statement for nearly fifty years we have never received any consumer complaints similar to the fictional events portrayed in fact the safety of our product renders this nearly impossible as for vanessa she wants to this scare with her instant pot to be her last i don't know and i enjoy how the food but not as much as i enjoy the safety of my family voidance in says they are cooperating with the us consumer product safety commission and tells abc news they take any problem with their product extremely seriously but customers are frustrated because one even claims that it's been months since they brought this issue to their attention and still no recall abc's gio benitez with that story six forty four now our komo aaa traffic we do that every ten minutes for you in here's marina rockinger northbound i five heavy from just south of highway 16 really seeing a sea of brake lights now as you head up past the city citycentre exit we are looking slow southbound one six seven out of sumner to pacific on rough in auburn just north of highway 18 up to about two seventyseventh northbound i five that's going to be heavy as you head from about two 72nd passed the 516 interchange northbound 405 proud of through renton up to the kenny kenneydell hill northbound i five is slow from midboeing field into downtown seattle really struggling southbound 405 from alderwood down through bothell uh there was a blocking problem near tunique 228 that's cleared out of the way southbound i five is heavy from about one sixty forth in lynnwood down through mountlake terrace your next look.

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