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It's as a specific way to go it's a different way to go but maybe it can't be good i remember went out for a solid ally it counter looks okay there's are certain things or certain aspects in this movie or and this trailer that looks enjoyable uh so you know it let's let's let's try to be fair when this comes out now people this is what we're going to do because it is very difficult to talk about this blue he went out socking about spoilers especially when we're going to be talking about things that we like and don't like so for this first 10 minutes and fellow someone in egypt o'connell coal back not you know do the opposite of what martin thomas would do so shit yeah exactly and by the way mr thomas happy birthday birthday was yesterday hess uh but with the with this fool metal review for the first we'll say ten minutes i'll give you ten minutes our first in minutes we're going to try to avoid spoilers alko nothing nothing after uh kyw mira so nothing after that okay got so simple all right so now people with this four medal alchemists movie we there are a positive i will start reposited y'all won't take long the of the up i will say of everyone apparent up otosan of present company included i would say on the most optimistic of these people when it comes to these things i i will say some good bigs blame they look like they had somewhat up a budget their heads a i don't know where the budget went for it looks like.

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