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Don't have pressure to win. Game seven back in utah. No but it would be another opportunity that got away. They were all that. We have the pressures is i mean put. It will be another night. You remember that song by cooling the game play. That played at iowa saying. I think that we can just go out and play tonight. I seventy seven ninety nine or fox. Eight seven seven nine nine six sixty three sixty nine whose soliloquy was better. That's the question. Oh now i was gonna say 'cause. I didn't do that so i would. I just gave him with a little more gusto. Here is the question. How confident are you in. Paul george and the clippers heading into tonight's game six to do something they've never done eight seven ninety nine on fox your turn away. And with the october's iraq fox sports radio be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with chris. Broussard rob parker weekdays at seven pm eastern four. Pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app. Hey this is jason mcintyre. 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I like miller time for sure. Miller lite is brewed for those times. When you can just hang out and have a good time miller. Lite only has ninety six calories so as less filling. It's not a seltzer. It's not an ip. It's just great beer so next time you're getting beers with friends make it miller time. Luckily you can pick up some miller lite pretty much anywhere. They sell beer or go to mypillow dot com forward slash odd couple to find delivery options near you. It's miller time celebrate responsibly. Miller brewing company milwaukee wisconsin ninety six calories and three point two carbs per twelve ounces. You remember this. Rob parker you remember this when you throw your bell bottoms. Maybe at this time. Your baggies oh this is the night to night out. I think i loved it what it was originally sang a one way or the other the knife for paul george does he delivered live up to play offbeat or does he follow on his face and utah live to see another day. We're the coming to you live from the fox sports radio studios also brought to you by discover card. Discover match all the cash. Back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year. It's amazing because discovers accepted at ninety nine percents of places in america that take credit cards. That's a lot. There are more discover dot com slash. Yes twenty twenty one nielsen report. Limitations do apply eight seventy seven ninety nine on fox. You got faith in playoff being the clippers to win tonight. Let's kick it off with chris in san diego a couple of fox sports radio. What's up chris. Hey guys how are you guys doing. Good good man. How are you. I'm good thank you. Yeah i wanna say is is. It's been more than just clipper history or or tyler addition. It's paul george reputation because you know. You're paul george and that donovan mitchell. Your and your and you can't beat him. He got be by rookie and people give you a pass. That can't happen twice in your career. You were gonna say don middleburg paul. George people are saying because you can't him in the playoffs. I think they already saying that. You're right about that if if he delivers. Pg doesn't yeah that'll be that's we'll see. He didn't deliver last game at home. So we'll see how he didn't up to. That was a honeymoon period. But yeah he's got an last year they choke down a three one lead Utah so donovan has some something to prove as well Shawn in sacramento. You're on the couple fox sports radio. What's up sean. Miles from another mother man my brothers from the host. Alex doing all right man. I was kinda confused. Why wasn't on the show today but today a couple years now. He's he's not the plan. Yeah yeah okay we we go. Gee was slipping so. He didn't shout out to. The big man is everywhere you So my pixel forgive. i. I've never been so proud to call myself. A part of the bruce opera. Gay man like i needed to throw my hands up and catch the holy ghost when you're sitting down with see you out there but yeah there. There's no way he's never stepped up in a big game as dame about playoff p man how he was walking off court looking at both of those times kicked him out the playoff. This is what he's good for man playing well and game that don't matter and the second time for him to clinch anybody. He's stolen off the court thinking about next year. Wow sean became harder to me. Because i'm not saying he can't he hasn't shawn won't be found when they clinching and move to the second round sean. Ob he'll be in sacramento tin cans. Shallow car back next week. We'll talk big. When somebody a franchise has never been there. I think that's obvious that takes nothing to stand up and say he can't you a well they never done it. That's easy to say. Now it's harder it's not going to have faked and somebody that they can make dutt that they can turn things around what makes us great is that is all time. No i'm talking about what he won't deliver. I'm just talking about. Does he has a chance to do something. And without kawhi could turn away people. Look at him. I think it's a big moment for him and he took the first one but first step. And i think you'll take the second step. He's tired playoff. He's played well this entire series. He was shooting thirty two percent for three game. Stretch all right it. Is david physio coming up with us.

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