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Maybe that's your point. When you intrude Atlanta and pick the bills, Matt Ryan's is still a really good quarterback. So maybe that's a team that could turn it around with their new head coach, because obviously, they've had some pretty Bad coaching for a while. Now, you know, uh, with Dan Quinn, and even at the end with Mike Smith, things had really gotten bad in Atlanta. Kyle Pit is one of the most interesting players. I think in fantasy football this year and in drafts. If you have a dynasty league you want Kyle pits. There's no doubt about it. Highly drafted. Tight end looks like a freak. But If it's a redraft league or like a guillotine Li like we're going to, You know you're in with Britain and I I don't know really what to do with pits and where he should go because the allure of a super productive tight end is could win you a league. But historically tight ends do not right away. Put up big numbers. I mean, sometimes a guy will come in and put up big numbers, but he was out of the leader. He was like, I'm thinking like Darren Waller here. I remember having a conversation with somebody about Darren Waller how he kind of burst onto the scene. He was much, but he was in the league, right? And he had some off field issues. He was not a rookie. He was not a newcomer, so to speak. It is. It is rare for young, tight ends to make a huge impact and Then again, like the game has been changing in the position has been changing. Pitt's is not like any other tight end. So should I just should I treat him like the history of tight ends, right? Should I treat him like I treat I don't know who my thinking here. Zach Ertz, either nothing alike. They put the same position Should I treat him the way that I treated? Mark Bavaro like it's just that I was trying to think of the oldest and I could. That's good going back a little bit. So he's very interesting to me. You know, I just I think it's a It's a It's a tough It's a tough decision to make where you want to take pits. I'm pulling up their death truck cause I wanted to see and I know Calvin Ridley. Who is this? Who gets the second most targets in their passing game? They have Russell gauge. Um, after that. I mean, you would think and, of course, Matt Ryan left lost to throw the football there. Other tight ends are Hayden Hurst and Lee Smith. You would think Kyle pits No worse than third in Target share. And does he beat out Russell gauge? Does he become the second favorite target for Ryan after Calvin Ridley? Well, there's another thing that's at work here, you know. This is like the bills target tree. The bills do not throw to the tight end. All that much is something they haven't done. You could say it's because they don't trust the tight end. You could say it's because they love their receivers. You know, football is a lot of chicken or the egg stuff. In Atlanta. Okay, So Matt Ryan how many great tight ends as he played with how many years did he and Tony Gonzalez overlap, if any A few, right? Yeah, they would overlapped, right? Yeah, yeah, For for a few seasons. I'm trying to pull up where When Tony Gonzalez retired because, um, Ken City to Atlanta and is that already have one more stop. No, I thought that was move on. I'll try and I think that was his last stop, so they would have overlapped a little bit quicker. That has been going for a long time. And you know, Falcons tight ends. Tony Gonzalez retired in 2013. There you go so and he never had a 1000 yard season in Atlanta. After having huge seasons in in Kansas City, so even before he's done, he plays five seasons in Atlanta. Gonzalez does Hall of Fame tight end Never 1000 yard seasons. So Do I gather from that that well, the offense didn't necessarily focus on him. He had 93 catches as a career high in 2012 with with the Falcons. Arthur Smith is their head coach. Are they running the author Arthur Smith offense, which was just in Tennessee, where My criticism of the Titans would have been. They didn't throw it enough. Yeah, they didn't throw it to John Smith nearly enough. And here's Kyle pits coming in all that. I like his quarterback. I like Calvin Ridley on the outside, like They'll probably be in high scoring games. But will Matt Ryan use a tight end as much as he could? I did A. I just did a Google search right Falcons all time tight ends. Gonzalez is number one, by the way, and of course, he wasn't originally a falcon but to your point Excuse me to your point about the best tight ends Algae. Crumpler is on this list. That's now he was there. How long has Ryan been in the league? 2000 and three. No, He's not see that old. He's pretty old. Okay, so he gets 36. So he gets Crumpler. Maybe 2000. 5 2006, But okay, so just a little bit. Crumpler was done in. Oh, seven. So on this list, Gonzalez was listed first algae. Crumpler was second. Sorry. 2000 and 8 to 2008. Alright, so he missed him. The only other guy on this list. Well, there's two guys. One Jacob Tammy. No and Austin Hooper is third on this list of all time. Greatest Falcons tight ends at some place called ranker dot com. Austin Hooper, who had 1400 yards in 46 games, played So he hasn't had he had. Tony Gonzalez is the best tight end he's had in Atlanta. The next guys are the Austin Hooper's and Jacob Tammy's of the world. So this is, you know, this is a different breed of tight end that he has had And that's why I think you know unless I I don't know what the after look up. Russell gauges target shares in recent years, But Jones goes out who steps in. Well, that might be where pits gets a whole bunch of targets out of that. I think he you know if your mat Ryan he's I would think Kyle pits is your The little bit I saw of him in Florida. The guy was a beast. He should be the second most talented weapon in your passing game with Calvin Ridley. So I would think you would. You would throw the ball a lot. So from your fantasy standpoint. Sure it makes sense with the with the dynasty, right? I would think he would get a decent amount of target this year. Want him in Dynasty single season? Yeah, you know, I should look up his over unders to it. Well, what Vegas says about Kyle pits over unders and what his expectations are. We went through Mac Jones earlier. Which is 23 touchdowns and 13 interceptions and 30 3800 yards. Yeah, Yeah. Kyle pits. I'll pull him up right here. Kyle pits over unders. The, um Yardage totals from draftkings his yardage totals. 800 I would have guessed like 77 800. Alright. Yeah, Touchdowns is seven, which is a big number. I mean seven is a lot of touchdowns for especially for figuring a red zone tar. He's a big red zone target. Yeah, And you know, once you become a target once you become a player that draws a lot of attention, which which pits might think about Stefon Diggs, who had a monster year last year, he had eight touchdowns. Only eight right and the idea that Kyle pits over under seven Okay? I I feel like the under. That's a big number. Yeah, it's a big number for looking for a tight end, but again like they might be throwing a lot. Maybe he's there. Red Zone weapon. You know, the bills have slightly deflated touchdown numbers a lot of their school positions because Alan gets so many of them in the red zone, so he's definitely interesting. Are you going to take them? In the guillotine drive. I'm not going to tell you. He's not a first round. We have a draft coming up. Yeah, it's tomorrow night. Really? It'll go fast. That's tomorrow night. I have a plan in place You can do auto pick. There's not There's actually not. The only problem is if you do auto pick in any draft right now, you might end up with J..

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