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Know i don't i don't believe that you really taking much interest rate risk at all with those from here if you're taking a small amount of interest rate risk not a large amount and i think that uh i think that those funds in this economy right now are okay obviously we are always capable of making changes if we see changes that make sense but i think right now mckay will economy we find up to get the alert so we'll be looking for that and i had one more question sure i really appreciate john berko and you're having a mine and regretted book mein interfax saying he fainted well he has been he has been saint it on and the starship money talk forever he will forever be seated parkers i appreciate him chris i i don't think i don't think he's eligible for sainthood in in the literal sense because he happily he's still with us and hopefully he'll be with us another hundred years i agree okay so we have our business has set up originally we had to go with one of the power of the three investment firm am i won't fanning but now we got enough in a bitter 401 k that we could possibly move it here and guard and a problem that i've learned i've learned from by trying to figure out why can't vanguard army on because the coffee is half on the index firm that it is and the other where are you confident you'll find company now it's a bullseye connie i do i go ahead and try to move the business 401 k toward the vanguard firm because we could save fifty percent on these index everyday an old air traffic of dearly you know what i'm saying it's a big thing to move everybody over well here's well that's why i say here's what you need to do first of all you need to find out whether there would because that would be the sale of funds and then the reinvestment of funds so you need to find out whether there were any tax implications of a move like that if you checked on now if i didn't ask you try it would be worth it and well i don't.

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