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Tulsa in a few weeks. And after that would probably be Tulsa again in the A C championship game, but Nevertheless, they are a very good team. And I'm just watching with my battery of monitors here. That I have on the studio here, just watching all of these games here. And wondering exactly what you see would do with some of the games that I'm watching here. But we will never know. We will never know. Their next game is at Tulsa. On December the 12th. I think I said the fifth initially December the 12th And then the A C championship game the week following. All right after the news here in two o'clock, a rock and roller that made it all the way back from the depths of addiction. You will know the songs he played on the moment you hear the first couple of notes. It's all straight ahead on this Saturday afternoon, Ken Bruise 700 wlw. News, traffic and Weather news radio 700 w L jealousy Cincinnati Americans having to make tough choices this winter with the two o'clock report done, Rick you Chino breaking now prior to the pandemic, Feeding America estimated at 34 Million people nationwide were food insecure. That number has now grown to at least 50 million. Since March in cities across America, cars lined football stadiums, schools and warehouses to collect food boxes. We've seen demand on average across the 200 feeding America, food banks sit pretty steadily and about it a 60% increase in need feeding. American executive vice president Chief Operating Officer Katie Fitzgerald says she expects the need to grow over the winter months as Americans start to choose paying for rent heat. Or food. Andy FIELD. ABC NEWS Washington More than 20 Million Americans are collecting some form of government unemployment benefits, with no economic relief in sight as Congress remains deadlocked on a new stimulus package now the latest traffic and weather together right now still dealing with two pretty big backups after some earlier accidents. Actually, there appears to be another accident now to 75 eastbound near Wilder. Either that or it just popped up back up on the screen from earlier but you are dealing with a backup. They're also 71 75 north bound near turkey Foot. There wasn't earlier accident and that has you backed up all the way past Kentucky 18 now and a reminder the Brent Spence Bridge remains closed down. That will stay shut down for the next several weeks and make sure to use the appropriate detours now the latest forecast from the advanced Industry Weather Center as we adjust to the new normal in our lives, advanced industry will continue working to make your dental visit as safe as possible. No fear. Dentist dot com. We're looking at a sunny afternoon, but temperatures are on the cooler side topping out at only 49 degrees. That's seasonal. Tonight down the 32 tomorrow back into the mid fifties, but clouds are expected to.

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