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Dermot Shea says the 58 year old victim caught in the middle of a feud between two men outside the New Jersey transit interest is about six o'clock last night, Gunmen took off no arrests. The White House says flights evacuating refugees out of Afghanistan continuing hour by hour. Thousands have been helped out of the country. Just in the last 48 hours, Governor Murphy says some of those refugees will end up in the Garden state. How many? I think a significant amount And I am not. Don't have a precise number for you, but it's a significant amount. The governor says. Officials are helping to get additional covid testing and vaccines along with things like baby formula diapers. As those refugees start to arrive, Hawaii urging tourists to stay away now is covid cases surge there, The governor says. It's a risky time to travel right now, he warns visitors They will not have a typical vacation due to covid restrictions in Hawaii. Some hospitals there are out of I C u beds today. And finally, staff at a jail in Washington state have come up with an inexpensive but effective way to encourage inmates to get the covid vaccine. Any inmate who rolls up their sleeves get lots of the commissaries most popular item for free. Care to guess. To what the commissaries most popular item ears. So a bed sheet to escape? Yeah. Wow. Well, no, it is ramen noodles. And apparently this is working big time as of yesterday. The jail has given out 900 packets of ramen noodles to 90 inmates who were willing to get the shot and they think it will continue over the coming days. Wow. Really? Yeah. Are so important to to the cards, huh? That's interesting. Yeah, Everybody loves ramen noodles. Is that the stuff? That's it's in a dried up pack and you put Yes, it's so funny. I just introduced Rahman. To my son because I found it in the dollar store. The dollar tree sells a pack of five for a buff. Wow, I let me tell you, He's loving him madly so hard up for money. She's skipping on nutrition for his son. I just people maybe the same nodal summa cum on Natalie, please twice. They pay so well here at 7 10 Bradley Smoker, rather Dollar store looking for bargain robin noodles. It is their snack can't afford broccoli can't afford steak can't afford halibut. But I'm just going to give the kid ramen noodle. That's a maybe Maybe they should use that incentive for teens also because it is a fair. There you go. All right. We'll give him a glass of Tang in the morning there. Natalie that's cheap to let's get the nutrition. Let's hit the entire pyramid of food choices. My God Sobek, though that's good stuff coming up next. Harvey Weinstein, R Kelly. We have the latest courtroom drama going on. Next we'll discuss with our legal eagle Jesse Weber when we return. I'm burning fighter with your w O r traffic. If you're heading in at the G W B, you're looking at about 15 minutes. For all the approaches outbound. There is construction set up on the upper level. The right lane is blocked off across the span in at the Lincoln and the Holland there at 20 to 25. It is a slow trip on the van Wyk northbound Queens Boulevard. That crash has been there for a while taking out the right hand lane. And ongoing issues in Kearney, trucker 19 South Bank completely Shut Central Avenue to Raymond Boulevard. This is all because of an accident investigation, and this report is sponsored by Business Roundtable, another pothole traffic and flight delays. Aging public transportation. Congress is close to making historic investments in America's infrastructure. It's up to the house to finish the job past the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act paid for By Business Roundtable. Our next traffic updates in 15 minutes. Now take a look.

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