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The same time we have to be strong on the border otherwise you have millions of people coming up not thousands like we have now you'll have millions of people flowing and just overtaking the country and we're not letting that happen so we have to be very strong on the border but at the same time we want to be very compassionate lamar lamar alexander i think what dan said was was we we really have on issues on trade immigration we have a partnership on the constitution we have some maturity we need together i was thinking this morning when we look at president nixon's portrait and white house we think that he he did the expected he went to china because he could do that he was position to do president reagan and the unexpected he went to berlin moscow and when we were here here go i think i suggested that immigration which is be dealt with us for forty years as you said i believe you can you're the president who can help us solve the immigration problem with your leadership you may be able to do for immigration what nixon did for china and reagan did some soviet union and a lot of us would like to work with you on that thank you very much we need the democrats support because we need their vote simple you know people say we have a majority well we have a one majority in the senate sixty unfortunately we don't go with the majority we go with sixty someday somebody will explain why but that's the way it is we have we need sixty votes we have fifty one votes at the most so we need democratic votes in order to do it otherwise you can't do it tom you're gonna say something senator tom cotton very important that we protect our more we cannot allow to be get out belfry card to the us free ticket but sometimes you said we've all said we'd like you together keeping the other at the border for the orderly processing of the adults if it's legitimate line we can admit the family but the country if not to go back to their home countries looking for a solution that we congress that will allow artwork patrol agents keep famous at the border while we foster claims time fashion and you bring up something that i have to say our border patrol agents in our ice agents have done one great job isis throwing with rowing by the thousands ms thirteen they come into the country we're liberating towns long island and other places with rolling them out by the thousands but we need laws that don't allow them to come back in mac you've been very involved in this issue congressman mac thornberry president there are a number of issues that we're going to be able to discuss today to touch our country's national security and and certainly national controlling and blood comes across our border is an element of national security as we did a compassionate thing with families and i look forward to working with you to further strengthen our military together we have turned around a declining situation but that's also part of what we need to go back to mars point about we both have responsibilities we can do more together i will say with all of the numbers that you see we weren't strong on the border you'd have hundreds of thousands of people pouring through the border they just be pouring through and the country would not be the country anymore lindsey offer we're all gonna take one day i hope senator lindsey graham problem the country in the dilemma here's your dilemma with bama selena if a family shows up at the border and we let the family go into the country and say please come back through hearing about eighty percent of the time the adults never show up for the hearing i think most americans feel like that is bad it will create a third wave of illegal immigration i want to be fair people came here under the old system but i don't want to create incentives to create a third way the other choice is is if you detain the parents who broke the law under the floor is decision you have to break the family up so there's nine thousand nine hundred spring creek court case we got to do it so i would urge my democratic friends to see if we.

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