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And then was ray lewis being that like that that brutal middle linebacker that everybody knows about that can hit the gaps and um you know killed the road kill the runningbacks and stuff like that or guys coming up the middle i wanted to know in your opinion or you guys over there in the back to um the questions for me but come on yeah yeah if their roles were reversed do you think that they would have the impact that they had in their careers if early lacquer was a i know smaller guy because he played strong safety brian's but if he hit the gas and it really was was a zone uh linebacker would they what they both be hall of famers thanks for taking my call good question carlos and obviously that's one that will never know for sure i tend to think it i tend to go by the theory that great players will be great players no matter what the system zoa system can elevate may be a decent player to become a very good player and i think every positions a little different so i don't think linebackers is the same way a quarterback precise thought this allott david car when he came into league with houston texas lot of hype fresno state firstoverall pick texans an expansion team his career more or less was ruined by the fact that they are often salon was never properly address them terrible and he became shellshocked back there and he caught on it ended up being a pretty good career backup won a super bowl the new york giants i believe to this day if david car ends up in a system and establish team not an expansion team with a solid offensive line iis a shot they've a car still plan in this league and ends up being a very good quarterback i just thought he was set up to fail but also tells me that he's never gonna be one of the alltime greats he probably what has been very good if you're an alltime great you probably would have been great no matter what system be fit in and if you struggled in that system and.

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