Greg, Griggs, Jacobs discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - BestOf: Washington Post: Putin Ordered hacks to help Trump, hurt Clinton, CBO: 23 Million Uninsured by 2026


Yes last fame damp day hugest body finally broke by glasses get out of here you've got the holocaust look to call the police turkish governments names just moments ago the candidates spokesman issued a statement it reads quote tonight as greg was giving a separate interview in a private office theguardian'sbenjacobs entered the office without permission aggressively shove day recorder in griggs face and began asking badgering questions jacobs was asked to leave the statement continues after asking jacobs to lower the recorder jacobs declined greg then attempted to grab the phone that was pushing his face jacobs grab greg's wrist in spun away from greg pushing them both to the ground the statement concludes it's unfortunate that this aggressive behavior for many liberal journalists created this seen at our campaign volunteer barbecue the question been jacobs was asking when things mom things turned southi guess or sour was on today's congressionalbudgetoffice score of the houserepublican health care bill the cbo you heard of the cbo scoring of it in the whitehouse a lambing that scoring theories are these the cost in the impact a estimates the republicans did not wait for before passing revised gop bill to repeal and replace obamacarehere's the upshot of at the cbothecongressionalbudgetoffice says the number of uninsured people would increase by 23 million by two thousand twenty six compared to twenty four million under the original gopabillthecbo also found the bill of the house passed would save less money reducing deficits by hundred nineteen billion dollars over ten years versus one hundred fifty billion dollars under the original bill the whitehouse just released a statement saying history has proven the cbo to be totally incapable of accurately predicting how healthcare legislation will impact health insurance coverage thesenate is now as you know rewriting the housebillthe question is how will these numbers factor in if at all joining me now is robertrice former labor sectarian author saving capitalism for the many not the few also cnn senior economics analyst even more former senior economic advisor to the trump campaign i can guarantee there will be no body slamming during this interview a sector rice this new cbo score how much does it actually move the needle here too i think it does move the needle.

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