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Wasn't just dangerous. It was practically impossible. The newest round of interviews also shed light on Steve Pals disturbing behavior toward Suzanne. Josh's father had stalked and harassed his daughter-in-law. So it was possible that he might have had a hand in her disappearance. On December seventeenth, ten days after Susan was reported missing West. Valley city police question. Steve. In his interviews, Steve Openly admitted his infatuation with Susan. But try to make the imagined romance seem consensual. Although Susan turned Steve Down and move nearly nine hundred miles just to get away from him. He somehow believe that the two of them shared a mutual affection. His delusion was unsettling, but he had an alibi for December seven. He spent the day at home with three of his children. Besides. Josh Steve had one other child who didn't live with him Jennifer she was the one who previously gave police the okay to search Josh and Susan's home. Now. She Sat for an interview and painted a picture of a twisted and damaging family situation and Steve Pals home. Jennifer claimed that her father had a serious pornography problem and that strange sexual behaviors including his voyeurism were normalized in his home. When she was a child Steve left pornographic images pulled up on his computer and magazines such as playboy laying out where she or her four siblings could easily stumble upon them. This inadvertent exposure to pornography at such a young age, traumatize Jennifer and likely did the same to her siblings? According to Researchers Antonia Kwara and Elie Sarre. Elmar from the Australian Institute of Family Studies Pornography while not inherently problematic can have far reaching effects on young people. According to Dr Code and Dr Elmore male adolescents who view pornography frequently are more likely to view women as sex objects, hold sexist attitudes and strengthen attitude supportive of sexual violence and violence against women. This is significant and places like the United States were approximately one in six women will experience rape or sexual violence. Pornography can encourage the idea male sexual aggression as acceptable or desirable. MISOGYNISTIC attitudes were pervasive in Steve's house each cheated on and berated his wife who eventually left him. He kept images of pinup models on his bedroom walls. Josh was exposed to pornography at a young age and evidence would later reveal that he like his father regularly viewed pornography as an adult. With all this in mind. It's easy to see where Josh's penchant for controlling and be rating Susan was nurtured. Jennifer told police that she had no doubt that her brother was capable of hurting or even killing Susan. Officers believed her all of the evidence they had pointed to a murder perpetrated by Josh though Steve May have somehow been involved to. Still, as unlikely as it seemed, it was also possible that Susan had left of her own volition. Without any concrete evidence that a crime had occurred authorities were stuck. Since detectives didn't have enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant for the POWs home. Josh had even more time to cover up potential evidence though he remained the prime suspect Josh was a completely free man. When he decided to take his children and moving with his father in January two, thousand ten, just a month after Susan disappeared. Officers couldn't do anything to stop him. To Belize the move. Made it clear that Josh? New? Susan wasn't ever coming home. Susan's parents Charles, and judy try to hold onto hope that their daughter would be found. But Josh's move infuriated them. They couldn't sit idly by while he took their grandchildren to live with Steve. Following the instructions Susan put in her will Charles and Judy attempted to get custody of Charlie and Brayden. Without any concrete evidence than Josh was an unfit father however, there was next to nothing Charles and Judy could do to get custody. Charlie and Braden lived in Steve's house which was no place for. Children. Charles and Judy were hurt but they weren't out of options. Jennifer was dead set on getting justice for her sister-in-law and offered to wear a wire to get josh to confess on tape. On January twenty, second two, thousand, ten, she attended a family dinner at Steve's home while officers listened from a vehicle parked down the street. Jennifer stomach fluttered as she walked inside her father's home. She thought wearing the wire might make her feel powerful like a secret agent. But. Now she just felt vulnerable worried that Josh and Steve would discover the tiny microphone at any moment. She went through the motions at the awkward family dinner forcing herself to eat even though her appetite had been zapped by nerves. All she needed was a moment alone with her brother to try to trip him into an accidental confession. When Josh stood and headed to the restroom after dinner Jennifer, seize the opportunity. She waited in the hallway for him to open the door then cornered him her heart pounding in her ears. Working hard to keep her voice steady. She asked Josh what he did to his wife. She watched as her brothers face suddenly grew hard. With a cold detachment in his voice, he told Jennifer that he wasn't allowed to talk to anybody about Susan's disappearance. All the time his face remained impassive STOIC a stone. Jennifer even tried accusing Josh of murder right but he was impossible to shake. Her eyes filled with tears. She hardly recognized him anymore..

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