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Hello welcome to stories podcast i'm your host amanda weldon today story is called the bargain unoriginal poem written for you by daniel hindes today we'd like to say a special thank you to norrowly and hazel joy and their family riley and holland and their family charlotte and lucy johnson and their family and david and lilley from prairie village and their family thank you so much lilley david lucy charlotte holland riley hazel joy and norrowly you are part of what makes it possible for us to continue to produce fund news stories for our listeners we also wanted to tell you about a new items app for kids podcast that we help to build it's called kids listen and it's on the i tunes app store it has nothing but kidfriendly shows curated by us and our kids show friends and it's free just search kids listen on itunes casper is a sleep brand continues to revolutionize its line of products to create an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night at a time you spend one third of your life sleeping so you should be comfortable casper mattress is provide all the support the human body needs in all the right places casper brand mattresses combined multiple supportive memory foam for equality sleep surface with the right amounts of both sink and bounce and a breather ball design that helps you sleep cool and regulates our bodies temperature throughout the night this is very important to me since i hate getting overheated at nightime my casper mattress always keeps me nice and cool and i'm getting amazing sleep casper is made in america and delivered right to your door in a small how do they do that sized box you can be sure of your purchase with casper's one hundred nights risk free sleep on it trial start sleeping ahead of the curve with casper get fifty dollars towards any mattress purchased by visiting casper dot com slash stories and using codes stories at checkout that's casper dot com slash stories with code stories at checkout terms and conditions apply.

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