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The NASDAQ, as S A L M. This presentation of the John MacCulloch Show is pre recorded. So when you hear the phone numbers, please don't call. But John MacCulloch show is brought to you in part by Dr Richard Klein at the Michigan Head and Neck Institute. FM one on 1.5 and Am 1400, the Patriot. This is the John MacCulloch show. And up Next is Doug. Here on the Patriot High dog. Go ahead. Paige. Hey, You heard the recent announcement from the governor that all high school sports arrived. Well, here's the caveat today they inserted on the website, the Michigan website. If you're gonna play sports, you have to wear a mask. What? Whoa, Whoa, wait a minute. You have to wear a mask. Yeah, it's on the website was just inserted today. Well, if you're playing tennis in high school, you have to wear a mask on the court while you're playing, which is physically impossible to do and dangerous. So we Google. I have a rough time walking across a parking lot with an order of fries and a burger with a mask on level. Trying to play a set of tennis. Go ahead on this radio. That crazy. So what we did is we went to of CDC. Of course, the CDC says they're not sure it's mass work or not. So then we Googled it. Google says no bath. They're fine. They don't hurt you. Then we went toe being which is that the captain think Google and we went into being and being that absolutely. It's very dangerous in all aspects. Google is behind the government. Haydn disinformation. Well, I just wanted your listeners to hear about that because It's coming down right now, Coaches. She's all calling states not us coming from state, and they just put it on the website. Today is the caveat. They didn't make that announcement last week when they said footballs on cross country gun Now you have to wear a mask. Unbelievable. Who are these people? Where are they coming from? Who elected them? And who is the interesting thing is the doctor. The head Doctors from the state of Michigan? Isn't Obama Hold out? She was in the Obama administration. That's not surprising thing. It's always it's terrible. I tell you what I admit before this election. Is about socialism versus capitalism. This is the most important lecture we have, er it is so serious that we get trump in there and if we could keep the Senate possibly win the house. Wait. We're really in a civil war. By what authority? Are they pulling this crap? Well, the Republicans, you know, try to Ah to her and the courtside with Whitney. None that we can use that 1945 legislation says she has the power to do that. That's still going through the judicial system where we might be able to get her to stop. But it went to the first set of court, which was all liberal and they voted in favour her. So we've got to go another route, and that's happening as we speak, but it just takes time and that he saw you reinstituted. This locked down until next month. By the way, England has led all the kids back in school, and they don't have to wear masks in class. Oh, my God. We better get the body bags ready? Yeah, we've got we've got a serious problem out there. Oh, we do. And the problem is our people. Are as wishy washy and Jellyfish spined. It seems as a cz the rest of the country. It's it's not. It's not the American people that I knew. I'm growing up. Cause I mean, you take a certain amount of it. Could take a certain amount of it. But when it finally gets to the bottom line You know Enough's enough. Cut this crap out. Let's get on with life. And these people don't like Greek John. The one thing that concerns me if we could get trump elected and try to win the two houses, but what we have going on with these millennials, which are very weak minded people. They? They're 35 40 years old right now. 10 years from now they're 45 50. That's gonna be a problem. I'll be in charge. And unless They can have their thinking changed. In that period of time, right? They're in charge. That's very Appreciate the call. You gotta keep that dog and have a great night. Ken, You're up next here on the Patriot. Go ahead. I wanted to quickly touch on two points first. Last time I spoke with you. I was telling you about how me and a group of friends were getting together for a nice labor Day barbecue and I just want to let you know that I survived all my friends survived. And we had a great time. Uh, how did you say? Well, we got together. We shook hands. We hugged. Um, socialize. We didn't drink too much Bear. We just had a good time that's always survived. By living our lives but living our lives. We survived the barbecue. Good for you. You should write a book, Quick thing I wanted The other quick thing. I wanted a touch regarding wearing the mask. And especially people wearing the masks on the job. Now when I used to work for a living Anything, Rocha said. I was like God said. I mean, OSHA says it. We comply. So why is it that OSHA issues a report regarding where a mask And it's a big report. I've heard about this discussed on other programs. And yet When O'Shea says Don't wear a mask is bad for your health. It's completely ignored. And so we got all these people wearing masks, both customers.

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