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Capanic us relied on his naked eye and a few rudimentary instruments he never looked through a telescope and he certainly never imagined that the scintillating light of the stars was only a fraction of their full glory but he's exciting east to know that we are on the frontier all ma is a step much further than we could have ever anticipated you are seeing things on nobody else has seen before no hello hello daniela yes aom hi it's dave a sober calling i met the greenwich observatory yes i'm ansari here from a real brutal side from observatory at five thousand meters above sea level that's great i couldn't quite believe we got through to alma to speak to d'angelo vidal who oversees all visits to the site even though it was made by telephone what can you see from my desk here i can see oh like 50 m than us all her in the mountains on ah why big grey sky covered by clouds we're having a beautiful sunny day here surrey will actually here we have three hundred these are your with no tell at all i mean absolutely the blue sky but today is just different as much as i'd love to travel there in person the alma observatory is difficult to reach from chile's capital san diego you take a two hour flight north to the copper mining town of unter gaston and then drive at least five hours through the world's dryest desert rural over twenty years in development alma involved scientists from nineteen countries in north and south america asia and europe when i started through susan sweeping bill called alma that was off in the future.

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