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This episode is like no other. Bill is one of the most genius and inspired visionaries. That you've probably never heard of. He's the author of a few books that have been rocking my world. The last few years notably nature and the human soul and now his latest book the journey of soul initiation a field guide for visionaries evolutionary and revolutionaries and. I'm serious wanna say listen up. This may be the most important podcast episode. I ever create. I love all my guests and what particularly excites me about bill. Plotkin is that. When i first read his book nature and the human soul. I felt like what the israelites must've felt like. When moses came back from mount sinai with the ten commandments. Bill is brought back. Commandments of any sort but through his works spanning probably five decades now as a depth psychologist wilderness guide and founder of western colorado's any must valley institute where he led thousands of women and men through nature based initiate tori passages. What he has brought back is a map of human development that i believed to be as all encompassing as any map modern day humanity has discovered building on carl jung's work and the work of countless other brilliant hearts and minds spanning a myriad of human cultures all over the world. When i read bills work our. I should say when i read bills work i understand more clearly the adventure of my own life. The story arcs that of played out over years. The excruciating bottoms. I've hit at critical pivotal moments of my life and what the real tasks of the different stages of life are that. if. I don't accomplish those tasks then i don't truly grow or evolve. Even though my body may age in fact this is one of the major themes that throughout bills work. Which i assure you is a master work. His books are just masterpieces of wisdom and insight impractical information but a major theme he explores and that we talk about in. This episode is the overwhelming lack of true adults in the modern world. The state of humanity is one currently made up of Largely of people stuck in adolescent ways of thinking being doing it certainly not hard to make the case for that these days. Just read the news or scroll through your social media feed. You may not be able to quite put a finger on it but something constantly nags it you that the world around you is largely devoid of real wisdom and nuance and maturity bills Bills bill masterfully explains.

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