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33 degrees in Boston. Cloudy skies, Seeing a little bit of snow fall out there We do have snow in the forecast. We'll have another update coming up and the news is brought to you at 12 30 today by Toyota, Toyota's official website for deals, Buy a Toyota dot com Here's what's happening. Governor Baker holding a news conference rolling up the state's plan for distributing Cove in 19 vaccines, and the first shipment of shots should be arriving soon. Fellow government has informed us that we should receive 300001st doses. By the end of December. Friday, We placed an order for 60001st doses of this allocation, which is expected to arrive in Massachusetts on December 15th December 15. So who gets them first frontline Cupid facing health care workers at hospitals all across the Commonwealth. Next doses will go to the staff and residents. Of skilled nursing facilities, rest homes and assisted living residence. Long care long term care facilities. After that distribution will be divided into three tiers and ordered by priority. The first here includes first responders, shelters and prisons, home based health care workers. Non covert health care workers, the second tier, which is not expected to begin until February. 2021 will include frontline workers such as teachers, educators, transit workers, utility workers, food and agriculture workers, people in public works and public health in the Commonwealth. Also in the second tier adults ages 65 over and younger people at high risk now to the third tier, which will not see doses until at least April of 2021. This includes the rest of the general public. Now, Governor, Baker says This all hinges on FDA authorizations for vaccines, which appeared to be imminent for Fizer and Moderna. In fact, visors vaccine could get the green light from the FDA as soon as tomorrow. Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski was on with ABC is George Stephanopoulos earlier on Good Morning America, he says the main challenge will be to convince Americans the vaccines. Are safe. We must build a trust in American people. We must make them understand that the science that went into this that the oversight they wanted. This is gold standard, and that our scientists are pharmacy our pharmacy political companies here in the United States of the best ever, and we just want to make sure that everybody gets this vaccine because we got to get our lives back. George, the loose end in general with Operation Warp speed. Over and Britain, though there is a small snag with the Fizer vaccine, one day after the U. K began giving out shots after Day, one, which saw thousands of over eighties and health workers injected with the five year covert vaccine lost evening. We were looking at two case reports of allergic reaction. Chief medical regulator June rain to health workers with a history of severe allergic reactions or involved. In fact, visors literature suggest such people should avoid. It's covert vaccine. New guidance has now gone out here to that effect. There has been no let up in the mass vaccination campaign. Vicki Barker, CBS News London and ironic twist this afternoon, a cyber security firm is broken into Yup. You guessed it by hackers that's coming up. If you like. Irony, stay with us. It's two minutes away. 12 33, the super retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes. We like a trouble free commute. Kevin Brennan. Well, you're not gonna get one today. I'll tell you that my truth had a share of problems out there. Nothing weather related. Just got mid day work crews and would still dealing with this crash south of town here. 93 North bound. You got brake lights here from route 28 Randolph All the way down to this crash at the Braintree split beyond that. Watch out for the clip lane closure on the ramp to Route three. South bound Now the expressways. Okay, both directions down on the mid Cape Highway. Route six westbound over a mile backup approaching the right lane cruise after Exit nine, and Dennis And then another mile backup force. Even more than that into the lane closure. After exit six through 1, 32 and Barnes the bull you get over the Satya, come or bridge Route three. North bound. You got a minor hang up here getting by the right lane Cruise after Herring Pond Road in Plymouth over and Stone Ahmad fell. Lab is closed both directions between Main Street and Cottage Street for Fire Department activity and up in Wilmington, Route 60 to Salem Street. Slow both directions here getting by that truck truck crash. Near the concrete company between route 28 route 93. This report is sponsored by the ex surgeon Temporal Scanner Fever is the leading sign of covert 19 use.

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