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Marcin recent we're back AT Tuesday second day of pampering you becomes legitimate and real free agency tomorrow and the big news coming down the last few minutes Malcolm Jenkins is no longer any illegals will not pick up their team optional Malcolm Jenkins for twenty twenty to discuss is our eagles reporter for ninety four WPW and of course a big part of the Goldbergs podcasts is name is Elliott short parks yes P. how are you never never a boring day with him never boring back let's start off with Malcolm you know I I yeah I think they did the right thing rather than then pick up the option and try to trade him or say Hey you're you're under contract you have to come at least for for if they knew they were going to keep on they couldn't find common ground letting go letting him go was I guess the right thing to do I just I don't think it was the right move I I unless what they're doing is signaling that they're not really going forward in twenty twenty which is honestly what they're doing so I I agree with most of your hang up I think they could have done this before the start of legal tampering you know I mean I I don't think much has changed in the last twenty four hours the sense I've always gotten is that they've had interest in in in keeping Malcolm I don't think that's what they wanted to move on regardless to me what it really comes down to it they did not want to pay Malcolm what a you know a fair deal for what he's wearing I mean when you look at at what Malcolm situation if he wanted a new deal and if the eagles wanted him they could have paid about the update over thirty million dollars in cafe I think we all know how important he is to the team so this idea that they that they wanted him back but couldn't come to an agreement I mean Malcolm wanted to be here Malcolm said that at the end of the year Malcolm just want to be compensated fairly and I think after coming in last year on a on a deal where he wasn't happy but he came and he didn't you know hold out heating because of but he was you know the best player on the defense if I Malcolm I'm not taking a penny less than what I think I'm worth and it's clear the eagles didn't want to pay him yeah I can necessarily you know argue against any of that you know I was because I'm come alike Malcolm all so much as a person and as a player it all just kind of hoping that they figure out a way to work this thing out and I knew it would take Malcolm sort of I don't know the end somewhat cooperative as far as working with the eagles listen they they they couldn't come to an agreement is business I don't think Jenkins has hard feelings towards the eagles about this this is business the eagles and from from their standpoint Elliott and John you're talking about a guy at thirty two years old you're saying okay at what price are we going to bring him back and then how are we using right moving forward so they were gonna call white with Jason Peters right I mean is that not the same sort of situation well the difference to me in the situation that whatever we all think of a hundred dollars you had a hundred tailored behind there Jason Peters is also thirty six right I mean we all D. A. N. and he's not playing at the level Malcolm is I mean there's a lot of factors that that's right that's what Malcolm needs to the locker room sometimes I think that gets overstated but as someone that did that lock them everyday like Malcolm is the true captain I mean that you know like I know I know just yeah yeah right thank you the true captain so him being gone it's a big deal but outside of all that on the field Malcolm was their most important defensive player I mean what's your **** is certainly up there I won't bite you hard on it but what you didn't have a great year last year right I mean Malcolm and the big part of our defense so yes of an accident standpoint now the Malcolm gone they have a massive hold a felt like Jaylen mills can't fill that hole he moved to safety nobody in the draft to be expected to step in and fill that hole so yeah maybe they didn't want to give Malcolm twelve million dollars a year but either you're gonna happen now use that money you weren't giving him to go pay a high level safety or your defense took a major hit today I mean there's really no other way around yeah yeah and and they'll leave before we would always talk about how the eagles that needlessly need to sign a linebacker because Malcolm kind of was the best linebacker but now you don't have the versatility of that either what we talked about Rodney McLeod resigning here with Jaylen mills I I can't imagine Jaylen mills is going to be your Malcolm replacement they're just different players may be a free agent safety but I can't imagine it's gonna be jailing mills in about a Max's guy I guess what I'm saying hello I I think there's a chance Rodney is back you know I heard at the combine that they were trying to work to make that happen and there's other teams interested in Rodney and you know honestly similar to the medical situation last year the eagles essentially forced Rodney tech to take a pay cut to remain with him coming off an injury so he's now the free agent looking to get a new deal and he said right he he was on a one year prove it deal he should take the most money so I think there's a chance that Rodney back but to me the player on the roster that I can get the best chance of filling what Malcolm that I I don't think you could do it but he has the best chance it divide him Matt I think he brings a little more man coverage skills than that Rodney does and I think you know if he has time in the slot a little undersized to play any linebacker role but I think that you would have a better chance of doing it I don't think Rodney could do about it I mean I I again like two years ago I asked the safeties coach Tim Tim Haack well what they would do if they lost Malcolm either they have to completely change our defense so I don't think they'll be a Malcolm replacement they're going to completely change what they do are your corners Elliott that's another good question well I'm not gonna be Byron Jones James Bradberry so look I mean now that Jaylen is back your lease potentially adoption move him to corner back from safety I guess if that doesn't work out I would be very surprised if it was resolved that glass I think depending what they do with the Viking Matix maybe crave auditor starting nickel corner but I think they're going to make a move and I think they're gonna address address the position in the draft that I know we all kind of assume they're gonna take a receiver at twenty one but you know it could be a corner there yeah I'm I'm with the market Ellie is it's hasn't completely slow down free agency officially starts tomorrow and I guess everybody sit around reading on Brady to announce that he's going to Tampa R. or C. LA with the Chargers but but the eagles right arm what do you expect the eagles to be like over the next couple of days and who could you see them sort of bar honing in on as the secondary market starts one pole good question look I like the Hargrave signing I don't think it's a huge difference maker of assigning but I like their commitment to kind that you're keeping with the defensive line shoring up the middle of it I know they brought back make that belt I would still like to see them go after a backup quarterback one guy I would like them to target and I think they could Robby Anderson he's a very good deep threat he he's a proven track record the NFL getting behind the fact that and you know outsides probably not back I would assume back learned not back John Jackson is going to be healthy next year knock on wood but he he's been somewhat inconsistent so I think we all agree coming into this offseason that the biggest need they had with speed on offense so two days in the legal tampering they haven't come anywhere close to address that they let their best player on defense got so not the best start to it but look it thoroughly if you you know the stuff more time L. U. di keep us up to date let us know if anything else is going down it's been a interesting first hour and a half of least of our show today it Tom Brady to Tampa your thoughts seems like that's where it's going it's a Caracalla carrot saying yeah I think it's weird to see him you know the and the other team obviously I'm in the minority I like the Buccaneers you're the I think you know with all the talk in a look that that he should go back to that account I think you have a great offense I think the player there Mike Evans is maybe the best receiver he's ever played with outside of that one year Randy moss I think it's a winnable division I like Bruce Arians so I think the Buccaneers will be really good next year with an operating yeah he goes the tab they win that division yeah I think that alone is a building under their their defense is underrated last you have to have great optics player they'll be there yet but but the quarterback look half cook last year those that was part of the problem with the with the pair that roster was half cool it was to your right well you came in here and beat the eagles after all I mean thanks Elliott yeah watch watching that game a lot of throws in that game yeah he did yeah but they they like I think look radio's not the player he was three or four years ago I agree but there I mean people talk about that eagles skill position players where that the patriots offense the office where where where is that what the eagles that right so I think going to Tampa Bay will be huge for him all right well you can bet your desk where I'm in I'm in my class or you're in the closet were you in in your bathroom I did waive it that I did with the phrase it that thought automatic weapon yeah I got to sorry for something our brother thank you right now it is E. S. P. N. there you go yeah I mean he he's right best offensive player goodbye going retooling Jack what's the model for the twenty twenty eagles get in next year if we don't we don't I try to try to put that on the eagles but that's what they're saying it's they're they're they're not they're saying if we don't we don't it's about slot twenty twenty one and twenty twenty two and I'm just a twenty twenty two that's what it's about twenty twenty two what made in two years how we talked about the three year window do you have some of that how we audio Jack from a from from the common listen I'll take a phone call and then we'll and then we'll play that let's go to just city Tennessee Justin what's up brother I don't know if I don't I don't I don't what are you doing was up just are you robin back from Atlanta unfortunately but you guys are making the trip all the better money good you go are you don't market heard you've been a little down the web well I mean honestly I I've had it like a mild cold but because we're we're in the at the time they were in certainly I should be going in the office after just traveling so after it's how it's it's been five days or six days since we got back from Florida I haven't had a fever anything like that but I have a sore throat I have a cough you know I have some congestion or whatever so I can't I can't get doctors and all the fever they won't let you come in so you know it it it we're being cautious with everything and I might be back in the closet tomorrow we'll see well get they'll get there hopefully everything's OK and missed you while you're being last couple days but yeah I broke this Malcolm there's laws on how is just changed my whole mind set my alarm what's your reaction by I'm upset I am I may not I heard what I was saying talking about you know a changing of the guard I guess as far as leaders you know when you know what it's saying what maybe Jaylen was trained in that way you know what happened last year because jail is very vocal and I think he led the huddle couple times last year you know four games instead of some I mean that's what they're looking at and maybe no more toward like Johnson Kelsey your brother later on that off line if I let readers go but this is that is really upset me mad because I really am I was in the same boat as Iraq I will Jerry is better I got Malcolm and you know that we got the better end of season way back as far as like Jerry was a cherished per plate anywhere thanks just appreciate it good talking yeah good leaders will make sure they are passing along some of those traits and.

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