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Talk about when impacts that brain how you can protect it and what you need to know to prevent damaging actually support longterm health joining me as sherry torque s first of all she's one of the great friends of this program and if you've never heard of before we really navigate life helping you to figure out how to make it just a little bit easier every time you look to say how do i do a better says sherry to orcas is a practitioner a pharmacist in selling author a certified fitness trainer an educator probably more on the front lines and anybody i know when it comes to crossing over between the pharmaceutical world and the nutrition world and over time she has been reporting breaking news globally to bring back that information to us and so sherry it's always great when you're here i love knowing that you're going to be spending time with us talking about the brain so hi dan ganja thank you so much for having me on the program you are a good friend and we chatted a lot of times folks just a you know every time micheri has a sixyearold phoenix he travels the world is a spokesperson she is as i said you know literally bestselling author every time and talk to her she's in a different city and i i asked you how do you i do it and how do you keep up and we were talking about the brain and both of us saying we are exposed and use our brain so much in our work not only in her lifestyle what's your thought about this whole area of brain function bob boy certainly something that i'm concerned about in my own personal world in my life wanting quickly what i humbly keep my brain sharp and healthy and certainly we know there are many things could at an air an impact negatively pete bility practical bank per for foreign ankara had good cotonou that fact and what we're talking about the cognitive function it your reasoning your memory your attention your comprehension near thirty two boquet and we know that could be very talented if there's so many factors that are coming our way at the technology to computer the draft.

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