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And Bernie Sanders loves to talk about the the billionaires and all across and it turns out that there are some billionaire oligarchs you are quite powerful in this country now but we'll get into which side they tend to be supporting which I think is something that does not get nearly enough attention right we will often be told that the Republican Party in this is one of these in jeering minutes I don't know how we can get rid of this other than to keep knocking down this lie the lie is that the Republican Party is the party of the rich and Wall Street meanwhile if you were to look at who for example and this is you know hatchet Ted Cruz on this one today senator Cruz who pointed out that all the ten richest man in America seven of them off it pays oats gates Zuckerberg Bloomberg page and Brin are Democrats and their funding Democrats to include today's Democrats socialists and then Cruz wrote not coincidentally massive government power consistently preserves massive wealth and prevents new people from acquiring wealth it is in fact the Democrat party that has he went on the majority of the ultra wealthy supporting it it is now the Democrat party that has not one but two billionaires running in its primary Tom Stiers and Mike Bloomberg I think Starz interesting character just in so far as he's a reminder that you don't have to be you don't have to be wise and you don't have to be charming or even seem to be all really that good at anything to be a billionaire you just have to be at the right place the right time and the relentless and you too can probably become a billionaire better lucky than good as I'm fond of saying I've seen them play out in life far too many times in far too many ways better lucky then gets true and conservative media too by the way mostly a lot of the people that you see who have done very well Jim media in general but conservative media the people that you know I happen to be in the right place right time got very lucky got the platform got the opportunity because there's so much that goes into being successful that it's impossible for just to be merit base or just skill base you gotta get a little lucky to the badgers Ted Cruz tweet ten richest man in America seven of them are big Democrat donors buffet basis gates Achterberg Bloomberg page brand this is a reminder that the the branding that the Republican Party has as the party of the elites in the rich is merely a is is one dishonest it's not true but it's also a deflection from what the modern Democratic Party is the Democratic Party does have a a plutocrat problem it does have far too much of the dozen billion or to a far too much say in what's going to happen and what the future of that party will be here's a perfect example Bloomberg I keep trying to in a hammer this home for people because you we've heard in the past someone's trying to buy their way into election and usually that meant they had raised a ton of money and they could spend a lot of money on a campaign Bloomberg this is an entirely different situation I mean I saw Stacy Abrams was standing up for Bloomberg recently Stacey Abrams still pretend that she won an election she lost for the governor's race in Georgia but she she had some nice words to say about about Michael Bloomberg who's under a lot of criticism a lot of pressure right now as a result of his support and implement is implementation of a stop and frisk policies but Abrams as I understand it you know as research and received Bloomberg money in the past it in her in her bid to be governor of Georgia we think of all the different mayors for example that have gotten a lot of support Bloomberg funds is you know mayors against illegal guns or whatever it's called the Bloomberg anti gun project Bloomberg's war on the second amendment is what it really is but he has more or less on limited funds with which to to run that organise a or to have people running that organization and his name I think of all the mayors all the politicians the Democrat side that Zack group has helped by pushing it by pushing their candidacy and by attacking their opponents just on the issue of guns either it's possible to buy people off at the end by them off in numbers that it will matter because I'm not saying the Bloomberg in a new technically you can do is go walk around having people hand everybody a hundred dollar bill vote for Bloomberg although I want to see what the numbers if you're only gonna remember I think it was ninety thousand votes total that separated trump from Hillary and a handful of states the Midwest right was not the the there was there somewhere ninety thousand votes was the was the difference maker about roughly call roughly ninety thousand votes you know it's not that hard to pay off ninety thousand people rescue got billions and billions of dollars but he's not gonna pay off individual voters when he does pay off influencers pay off powerful voices and there are so many ways that that can be done and new net now we are starting to see is it possible to corrupt the political system in this way or rather is it possible to just write a big enough check that you can be present you can become president of the United States no I don't think anybody could do this I think Bloomberg is an effective manager I notice out I'm not is like I'm I'm not as as quick to do what I've seen a lot of conservatives doing lately which is just trash everything about Bloomberg because they view him as a as a threat to trump already I'm not I'm not convinced that that's really the case and I also don't think that we should do what Democrats do we just pretend that things that they don't pretend that things about their political opponents are true that aren't just because it's it's you know with the orange man bat approach I'm not gonna orange man bad Mike Bloomberg lives do that to trump I'm not gonna Bloomberg Bloomberg is very bad on a number of issues but he's not dumb and he's not incompetent and he did do a pretty darn good job running a crazy liberal city all right he's not the governor San Francisco I mean these governor gosh the the mayor of San Francisco today he's not build the blouse he's not I think it's Garcetti in Los Angeles and these guys are doing a terrible job so let's be honest what were the criticism should be do I think that Bloomberg would be as good a present a strong no not even close he's horrible on a whole host of issues and will I be absolutely as hard charging for drums reelection if it's Bloomberg verses at in other verses trump as opposed to any other candidate sure but Bernie Sanders is an existential threat to the economy our let let's keep it real Bernie Sanders would want to do things that no sane person wants to do when it comes to economics were comes to healthcare to come to college or all these things Bloomberg is is actually more of what you'd expect to be an establishment Democrat platform which is bad but we can recover from it you know we we get we could actually have a Congress that hold them in check in I just think it's fastened to watch this whole thing play out because now the Democrats who have been talking about how Republicans by elections and all the money in politics and it looks like they might be saved from themselves buy a an old true billionaire who is doing more to a by election than any human being in the history of this country who's throwing around money it personal money ever this is personal money's not raising any monies just writing checks just writing checks he's throwing money away that nobody's ever seen before and it is amazing but speaking of the nightmare to Blasi Amanda Blasio who of course supported his fellow comedy Bernie Sanders the blood the was a Sandinista style kami words Bernie is a more old Soviet you know Bernie is he's a purist he's a Soviet Union style communist as we know from where he spend his honeymoon but here is what the current mayor of New York says about Bloomberg play nine S. important for people to understand what's happening here Bernie Sanders as trading extraordinary momentum on the ground energy excitement because he represents changes been consistent about its.

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