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On some projects with the north carolina. Wildlife resources commission for here Here within the state and partnership with national forest So it's here. We've never had a conservation delivery person that's been solely in the southeast. Now somebody that pretty much did almost the entire east coast so now somebody that's down here and doing the work just for here Is really exciting. And it really shows the opportunity for us to to make landscape scale change You know with the the new model. I would also say todd waldron and the northeast is bound. Saffir like a month. Maybe like five weeks. And he's really hit the ground running there and I think you're gonna start seeing soon. Some really exciting things come from his aunt about opportunities in the northeast and then In the mid atlantic We're that person will start By the end of march so that'll be an announcement about that forest director. Here coming out soon. So i think that You know that's another region similar to the southeast that needs some love and attention you know the the gw and the jeff down. There needs some work as well as the On keelan west virginia As well as pennsylvania and all the state land in maryland. So i think the we're we're really poised to to have an excellent twenty twenty one twenty twenty. You know when you look at it on the face Was really was it hard. It was a lot of transition for the organization that we never left conservation delivery. We continued to lean into to the delivery piece in. We'll continue to do that here in the early part of the year and so that's that's really what we're focused on. I can't leave out. Just stay up by in your neck of the woods. Yeah just sort of the benchmark for everybody you worked on that big big project and the chippewa three chip which is excellent and he sent me a report recently. They might have had their walking trails that he's helped facilitate putting in state of minnesota In in different work that he's doing in wisconsin Has been an excellent so. Yeah yeah john jared or they're always doing something actually Listening to the show guy ryan. I've i've run into them. The woods timer to out here and we regular communication. But he's just bought some acquired some property and he injured were to sell the property last week. And that's the the private lands component that is available to folks. There's some there's resource professionals within our jazz and abs that can go out and walk your land. Connect you to possible grants or funding. Do have it at work. And there's a lot of pieces in place for folks to work with and alongside the rough girl society. Yeah absolutely i mean. It's the public workers. Excellent is absolutely important presents. Where most folks like you. Annika go to hunt time. We can't most land is privately. Owned birds live there to that portion of the equation. I do know that you guys are running a membership drive at the moment. I think i saw some swag. Maybe maybe a partnership with bike gear. Yeah yeah brent. Really stepped up huge and supporting us with our our march membership drive for our sixtieth anniversary. So what What we would love it you know is is most folks were the thirty five dollar rough grouse society member what we would love is for our sixtieth anniversary to have folks Consider that you know the the sixty dollar level. A member of rough got society and american woodcock society. We're calling it sort of our sixty for the sixtieth initiative When you do that at the at that level you know. You're joined both organizations. We worked with brenten. Have a pretty pretty sweet t shirt. There's a buff involved and then There's also a gift card to pie gear as well. So if you're if you're checking out any of his stuff yeah There's an opportunity to support us and Get a discount on some of his gear in that that That gift card goes dependent on the level that you go after so i asked folks to consider. That's an excellent deal in my opinion And obviously it gets the opportunity to support us. Yeah it's always nice. When the corporate partners brands companies you guys work with step into kind of sweeten the deal because then you guys can sort of do your thing and focus on conservation delivery which is what we're all concerned with but get something out of it to from a partner like bike years. I will tease this out there actually for listeners. I'm supposed to get brent on the podcast. This month. I gotta reach out to them and get it on the calendar so if folks are hearing that go check out the girl society membership drive checkout pike year and if you have questions about pie gear stuff that you'd want me to ask. I haven't done the interview yet. Send my way and i again. I can't i can't stress enough. How appreciative we are for for folks like brenton pike and in our partners because those are the folks that allow us when we do these promotions to take as much money as possible from those memberships and put it right into conservation delivery. Like we're talking about that. I don't have got to ask you. I wanted to touch on or see if there were any memorable moments from your from your hunts last fall specifically related to the puppy. You did mention one. Where she she beat the dogs to that covey of quail and of was a lightbulb moment. I was curious if there were any other light bulb moments or maybe birds that you killed that. Were just like all came together for you. Yeah with the pa-. I would say a couple so i have the the puppy with a covey of quail. I could literally take you there in my mind. I if i wanted to. I think The the new year's eve grouse that i killed over the Actually i don't i don't know i was with a very dear friend of mine Who unfortunately lost a dog. Last fall on new year's eve and we are hunting not just me and him in the puppy and And she's running the through the snow in this sort of mixed aspen spruce cover in all of a sudden she. She hits the brakes that essential like slam on point sideways. Like there is something right here and him. And i both sort of looked at each other like who we have to kill this bird for the in that like late season barking. She's excited.

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