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These are not. Those are not two parts of the word that I would expect to go together it could also be bio electrical. This is an adjective from nineteen, fourteen of or relating to electric phenomena as a no in living organisms bio. Electric City is announced so I'm. Guessing the first one I can think of would be the electric ill yet. You know it's funny I just watched like a little like video they. We watch a lot of youtube. There's a show called animal logic that we watch all the time. And they just did a little mini documentary on bio, electric organisms, and yeah, definitely the electric. He'll I think there were some species of. Sharks used electro-magnetic stuff on their knows a few other ones. That I can't remember off the top of my head. There's a bunch of on that. Use Electricity to stun prey or to stimulate prey to come closer to them, and it's kind of interesting phenomena. Yeah, isn't the nominee, maybe the anglerfish or something that has that little light at the end that is bioluminescence. That's like when they actually light up and there's chemicals with that, but the electrical is where they're actually producing an electric current with their body and I know the eagles are a big one. I can't remember what there's a couple other animals that do it. Oh, should platypus I think the duck billed? platypus actually has yeah. If I'm recalling correctly, there's something electrical about it. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm. Honestly behind here though those creatures are so weird that I would not be surprised that does that does remind me that are. It's SORTA sounds familiar that I feel like I have heard that they have some sort of electrical thing in them I know they got spurs to poison venomous, but yeah something about bioelectrical on that one too, and I got to look it up again. It's funny that you mentioned. The duck billed platypus. Episode that I had with guests on the duck billed. platypus was brought up at that time as well. It's just a weird I mean what is what is interesting about that animal understand what? Razi crazy animal. Yeah, now I really want to know if they have a bio electricity in them. Now I gotta look this up bio electric. And how funny that you just watched a show. electric animals. It wasn't too long ago and of course I can't remember anything but UH. Everything kind of blurs together during this could have been like two months ago during the quarantine and I like it was yesterday. I don't remember anything from five minutes ago even. But. We are going to move forward and talk about bio energetics energetics. You have bioenergetics. This is an interesting one. This is a noun from nineteen twelve. We have a couple definitions number one the biology of energy transformations and energy exchanges as in photosynthesis within and between living things and their environments, and then number two, says a system of physical and psychological. I WANNA make sure it's not physiological. Note, says psychological therapy that is held to increase well being by releasing, blocked physical and psychic energy and bio energetic is an adjective. Is that like Ricki or is it is that how hey pronounce it regularly? People who work with like energy they. Feel your or something you go in, and they're put their hands over Ya and they they unblock your shock or something. Yeah I. think that's how it's pronounced i. have never had ricky done but I. I'm I'm feel pretty confident that based on that number two definition. That's probably how they would describe it. And yet photosynthesis I mean that's something that's happening all the time. Plants and trees and I guess it's called energetics interesting. And no idea I guess something you're. You're making energy out of. The chlorophyll you got the Sun. So your staying interesting. Right our next word is bio engineer. This is a much more much simpler concept for my brain. This one. So. This is a transitive verb from nineteen, fifty, one to modify or produce by bioengineering as in bio engineered insulin bio engineer is also now I'm wondering why. They chose to put in the verb version in year, and not the Noun version. I guess the Noun version would just say something like the person who does bioengineering, so they might as well. Yeah somebody who bio engineers because like even the bio engineer I guess you gotTa. Go back down down to bioengineering figure out what the bioengineering even does so yup. No redundancy I guess. Do you know any bio engineers. I don't think I do I. Don't think I know anybody who actually does bioengineering maybe I do and I. Just don't know enough about their job to know that that's what they actually do, but Yeah I have no clue you got me on that one I would think it would be people who do. You said bioengineering what insulin? Yeah, that was the that was one of the examples. Yeah, incidents bioengineered you got me on. That couldn't tell you well. It'd be I do maybe I. Maybe if somebody listens to this and they're bioengineered, let me know. Yeah, call in, let us know. So if you want to learn a little bit more about bio, engineering that is our next word is a noun from circa one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four, so the word bio engineer came out in nineteen, fifty one, but bioengineering didn't come out until nineteen fifty four. Again we have couple of definitions for this one number, one biological or medical application of Engineering, principles or engineering. Called also bio medical engineering, and then we have number to the application of biological techniques as genetic recombination to create modified versions of organisms as crops crops, an example of that, and then we have especially the synonym genetic engineering, so genetic engineering I. Guess is a form of bioengineering. Well Yeah the genetically GMO's things like that, so people who work for like. Monsanto and places like that or the people who cloned sheep, probably two. That's got to be some kind of genetic engineering. Going on Yup, I'm sure they would be considered bio engineers and the funny thing. The thing that I realized that I I realized about GMO's. Is that technically everything is a genetically modified organism. You know we we've bred for sure dogs and even bananas I mean the original form of banana was something that wasn't really edible by humans, and they just bred it over and over again to be something that we could actually eat as you know the thing about bananas there, actually all the bananas that live right now or she clones like the same bananas. But Kevin dish I believe There is a banana that they used to grow in the fifties, and got some kind of fungi or some parasite, or some bug or something detect it and kill them all and they had a restart with another crop bananas because I think the way they don't actually have seeds because they don't have seized, they have to actually clone the plants, so everyone Nanna you. Eat is actually a clone of the same banana like tree that. That they split over and over again and the the breed that's like most popular is the Cavendish, and that's the one you get in the stores all the time, but yeah, that definitely bananas to mass of seeds in them, and they were barely edible and pretty much everything. We've agriculturally cross bred I mean you are cats and dogs, and you name it any livestock I mean. It doesn't mean you're going in and messing with the jeans with like test tube. SPLICE and it just means you're crossbreeding stuff. So, yeah, definitely GMO's are just anything that we've. We've watched with over the years and you know produced us to produce things that are. Better.

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