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I feel like a run into nonsense and it's heartbreaking. I feel like you know, you have a friend that you you love them but your interests diverge and you go different paths in life and not grow apart and like you miss that person, but even if you hang out with that person, now it's not going to be the same as it used to be because they've changed and you've changed. That's how I feel about Major League Baseball. Like I said, it's it's not what I want it to be, and I'm a different person and I don't stand for nonsense and tolerating bull crap. I just can't, I can't do it. I can't do the unwritten rules. I do a lot of the weird stuff that you can't celebrate. You can't enjoy a home run by hate that stuff and to me, I got a lot of entertainment options available to me. I would rather watch wistfully, like football league's the American wiffle Association. That's my friends. Do it up. North north of Seattle. It's really fun. I enjoy it so much and it's fun. It's not, it's not a drag. There's no discouraging home runs. There's no weird rules that aren't actually in the rule book because if it wasn't a robot, could be embarrassing. And that that to me, that that's my frustration with major league baseball. Now, how about a good thing? How about? I want to say something positive about Major League Baseball? I think it's possible especially with the audience of this show and this podcast we just mainly football some racing fans cuz I like I got a weird people love football and former the one it's a weird group of humans that follow the show like very opposite people that somehow come together. Got a lot of Europeans. Listen to this show to Germany, what's up? Okay now so if you don't know a lot about baseball you might not know about this. I want to tell you about Shuhei. Sorry shohei Shuhei I knew a guy named Shuhei. Who spelled his name. Exactly like shohei ohtani spells his name I knew him at Shuhei. He went by that all through elementary school but this guy's name is shohei shohei. Ohtani He's currently dominating two very, very different parts of baseball pitching and batting and he plays on an American League team, the LA Angels, and get that in the American League pitchers. Do not have to bet because pitchers historically are bad at batting in the National League. They have to bat and it's kind of just a wasted, a bad almost every game. Now case you get a picture of hit something or home round or whatever, but in the American League you don't have pitchers bat you have designated hitters who are better at batting. And usually there like an old dude who can't run very well but you can still hit for power or something. Like there's a reason why your designated hitter and not playing second base. It's cuz you probably have a debate in school but you can still hit a baseball. And pictures traditionally partially because, you know, if you're a pitcher you're so specialized and you're so focused on this. One thing, you're always training for pitching ain't trading for batting and hitting home runs and stuff. So.

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