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PACK SM Sean Stack. Zaken that money you're in with my partner and picks Ryan real money cracker. What's happening cream dog? Had to go way back Sean Way back way back back to the beginning thousand eleven you got some old school old school. SGP shirt. I know I know pick massar our boy from back in the day he has one Poker Poker God for twenty also rock in the old school. SGP Swag it's truly a badge of honor and Sean the last time that and I got to go hard against the San Francisco Forty niners in the play. Offs was in that two thousand twelve postseason. Eli Manning Oh now now drops back fifty times and takes a beating just like rocky. He lands the final punch. Yeah no oh I'm I'm I'm stoked. Our first year existence shown the San Francisco Forty niners versus the New York giants in the in the conference finals. It's been a long time and the last time the maybe we've made all the conference finals. Shame on me to convert all units conference championships. Abia Chips Ryan. This is the San Francisco podcasts. If you're listening to this thank you guys. Obviously you're listening to this. What Al we also have a chief sedition taped the night before and the night before that we did a DFS addition? So we're really really breaking it down getting into the nitty gritty. Because there's so many bets so many angles to break down and it is super bowl week. We're GONNA talk. SF Offense F- SF defense be joined by superfan online. And then of course give out our five best props CBS San Francisco related. Forty niners related Ryan. Let's get pump for the Super Bowl. I brought my pro tractor the city. You're listening to the Super Bowl Week on the sports gambling. podcast net word word. He's GonNa Touch San Francisco. Can't take Jin's only oh man it's going to be high scoring game around the chance of making a run at this thing. Saint fired up to go to Miami. I super bowl week or that Or that Guy Jayme Oh yeah Jayme Oka- and we got some Jayme. Oh flown in the studio shadow in balls forty four again for the Jayme O.. Ryan it is Super Bowl Week for down to Miami not actually physically Dan in Miami. But we're data Miami and spirit were loaded up on the during slowed enough on the cocktails and loading up on all the bets. It is a bet bonanza over at my bookie dot. Ag.

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