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Fact nothing should be sucked or not in public eighteen fifty three amazing you know the mid in the middle of the eighteen hundreds and you imagine that somebody took the time and the energy to sit down and write a book binding rules. What's not about it? You know it's over you know a hundred year. So here's a book that you look at it and you know that everything in the world you'd Never WanNa find in this book you are wrong. suffragette breath more S. eighteen fifty. Three as you all know modern woman has completely different life. Come a long way. We have some cold from another new book. Nineteen eighty-one that's right for example Nowadays Nineteen eighty-one holding a dinner party at our house. A hostess should never get up on the table and say you. Would you please excuse me for a moment. I think I just heard my cat barth a recently divorced woman should guard your reputation carefully and never list yourself in the yellow pages under do it yourself yourself. It is unwise for young ladies winner. Lady friends bedchamber without knocking for she may be washing repairing her clothes or entertaining retaining a semi pro hockey team. Here's one if you live in New York. Or wherever they have the single idiot tens of performance of the Bolshoi Ballet. She should not scream at the stuff. Them Tights Ivan. It is considered unseemly for young women to approach a Hobo and whisper beard stubble. GETS ME ME excited. Well I don't know.

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