Senator Kevin De Leon, CAL, Ferguson discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


And more jobs this is npr news i'm tiffany camhi hi leaders of the california democratic party have endorsed state senator kevin de leon in his bid for the us senate snubbing his opponent and twenty six year incumbent dianne feinstein kqedorg on your hudson reports on last night's vote in oakland state senator kevin daily on one sixty five percent of the board members votes on saturday nights twenty eight percent voted for no endorsement which feinstein had asked her supporters to do the endorsement is a boost in daily owns bid for senate in the primary he trailed feinstein by more than thirty points earlier in the day feinstein said she was confident in her bid for senate regardless of the vote's outcome going into the june primary neither candidate got the party's endorsement and feinstein's still won by a large margin i mean this was not a close primary election and there were thirty two people on the ballot daily own is positioning himself to the left of feinstein and as a fiercer adversary to the trump administration today when you leaders ship in washington we don't need folks who plead patients with this president feinstein supporters say her seniority and experience in the senate make her better suited for that job i'm sonia hotson cake news state fire officials say a firefighter died battling a wildfire near yosemite national park yesterday the ferguson fire which started late friday night has burned four thousand acres in the sierra national forest according to cal fire thirty six year old brayden varney died saturday morning after his bulldozer overturned varney is survived by his wife and two young children meanwhile one of the largest wildfires to break out last month in northern california is now one hundred percent contained cal fire announced last night that the county fire which burned more than ninety thousand acres and destroyed twenty structures in napa and.

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