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Jim Taylor spoke with Aaron David Miller a senior fellow at the Carnegie endowment for international peace and a former state department Middle East analyst and shader in Republican and democratic administrations what do you make of this first money into it the Saudis have their story although they don't seem to get your story straight and they're sticking to it today's today's verdict I not only didn't indict actually there the three key officials that were implicated according to our own intelligence assessments but the story line that was put out is that this was somehow some role accidental murders that in fact they were questioning Jamal Khashoggi or maybe they wanted to render him back to Saudi Arabia it was a struggle he was killed and then this cover up occurred in the cover up of course and in the Saudi story is completely untethered really untethered from the crown prince himself so just another turning call would you want white wash conspiracy cover up it's centrally travesties what do they do Mr Miller did they actually go out and find five guys that they can just pin this on and and the heck with them no these are these words these were members and again they have an idea of genocide the other problem with this trial it's it there's been no transparency began in January former presented as a limited number were were able to to to attend but they had basically sign around disclosure agreement no these five appear to be five movie eleven or fifteen man Saudi ops team that went to we stumble and actually murdered Jamal Khashoggi no there's there's almost no doubt in my mind that the five that they have sentenced to death with a laundry carried out in let's be clear the Saudis executed a hundred and forty eight people in twenty eighteen so this is really not with respect to capital punishment this is not you know some to reciprocally harsh and severe punishment no big they they're they're they're going to execute the hit men but then again of course and you don't have to be you know a mafia special snow this that'll guarantee their silent so I I I think this is all part of a a not so carefully calibrated cover up what do you think it's going to do to US Saudi relations I assume it was publicized to its improve the relationship between the two entities you have an administration again I work for Republicans and Democrats and voted for them to so this is really not a part of a partisan comment we enabled for the last twenty five years the Saudis in many different ways we flatter than we acquiesced but frankly never have I seen in twenty five years of working for both the Republican and democratic administrations administration that that has taken the Maybelline acquiescing to completely new level the president has essentially given MBS woman in some on for many different reasons huge margin of error and the latitude essentially and support to pursue his policies and unfortunately there's very little reciprocity seems to mean you SRT relationships are no I don't think this is going to affect the with Saudi relationship the media is angry and they should be but business is returning to kind of normal you know the Saudis will host to get ready for this the Saudis will host the G. twenty in November of twenty twenty so the process of legitimizing and normalizing Mohammed bin some minor I use a reformer there's no doubt about it very popular in Saudi Arabia but a very repressive toward during that same time that is Aaron David Miller senior fellow at the Carnegie endowment for international peace yes nine twenty five twenty one sponsored by Shane company sports gambling enthusiasts can place their bets with draft games but soon investors will be able to place their bets on drafting in a series of moves designed to make itself a public company the online sports gaming platform is selling itself to diamond eagle acquisition which will fold it's other gaming efforts into draftkings than registering for an initial public offering wallstreet propelled forward again finishing at new records Dow up ninety six nasdaq up twenty nine as a B. five hundred up three indexes got a big boost from news from China that it's cutting import tariffs on a wide range of goods including food medicine and electronic device components move is not directly related to the U. S. trying to trade war but to investors it signals more openness to companies that want to do business in China another troubling sign for US manufacturing orders for US made durable goods sharply decreased in November biggest drop since may biggest drag was aircraft orders thanks in part to the ongoing seven thirty seven MAX issues at Boeing I Mander O. day Bloomberg business for KCBS.

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