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Something completely different Capital, One cafe. They offer accounts with no fees are minimums, they also offer one of the best savings rates in America, and you can open a Capital, One account from anywhere in five minutes. Capital One, this is banking. Reimagined open account today, an experienced banking, reimagined for yourself Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital, One NA member FDIC next tonight, here, new focus in the search for that missing mother five after police revealed they have discovered evidence of her blood ABC's. Eva pilgrim is in Connecticut tonight tonight, the search for. In connecticut. Mother Jennifer Delos focusing on this trash plant in Hartford. This after police revealed evidence against restraint husband and his girlfriend, whereas surveillance from the night, Jennifer disappeared. Allegedly shows fatigues Delos throwing away multiple garbage bags near that plant. Police say his girlfriend Michelle Trudeau conus was with him, and that the evidence detectives later recovered tested positive for Jennifer dillas blood. It's been two weeks since the mother of five vanished after dropping her children off at school. Jennifer, tonight's Recode is out on bond bootees remains behind bars both facing charges for evidence tampering and hindering. The prosecution David today, Jennifer's mother filed for custody of her five children, asking a judge to allow the children to stay in her care, even if their father is able to bond out of jail, David. Even pilgrims, tonight, even thank you to the index of the news tonight into dramatic rescue from the Phoenix mountain images showing seventy four year old woman airlifted from a local peak after suffering an injury spinning violently in that stretcher. There is no word yet tonight on her condition and is white meat really better for your health than red meat. A new study tonight in the American journal of clinical nutrition, finding a diet, including white meat like chicken, or Turkey had roughly the same effect on LDL. That's your bad cholesterol, as a diet packed with red meats, like beef though. They say there are other reasons to avoid red meat the best option. They say plant based proteins finally tonight here jeopardy James meets his match at a young librarian and what he's saying tonight about her. Jeopardy. Alex trebek's began by thanking the reigning champs for something else. My thanks to your beautiful little daughter. Natasha for having made this get well card for me that, that was very sweeter. Last night's game started like so many before literature thousand. Magic mountain. You are right James. What is comparing apples and oranges? Yeah. James crudity good jeopardy. James would meet his matching Twenty-seven-year-old Emma Becher young librarian from Chicago from auditioned for jeopardy four times before being selected. She wrote her master's thesis on the game. Now, I think I got to make it a true daily double. All right. Thousand two hundred what is an is? That's right. Final jeopardy. His response was correct, his wager a modest one for the first time but got it right to you did when this time she did with James often did she went all in? New champion and a high five for James game ham. I gone, what thing that makes me really happy as that. I didn't beat myself. I lost to an elite player playing a near perfect game. We knew it couldn't last forever. But now we root for Emma. I'll see you tomorrow

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