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Is that I think you you would say the same thing. Is that people. Don't really understand. Just how intense it is out there. And how depleting it is not only to your body but also to your mind into your soul and and it's a long road recovery and I for me. I have so many wonderful things happening in my life here. That the the cost benefit analysis for me. Just didn't certainly it would be. You know a Lark to go and do that because I I don't know if maybe everybody knows just how much the Christie Don Empire has grown. Can you just give us a quick update on how well Christiaan has done over the years from when we first started talking to you back in twenty twelve you were you know getting Tundra hats off the ground but since then since those days yes your payroll time I think we all can say tender gear was ahead of its time and You know I had your time. You don't always succeed Christian onto done really well It has brought us a lot of abundance and yeah. We're really grateful for it. It has if we were able to perch house and more super grateful for that And we've done a lot of really good work with the company in terms of like how were addressing fashion as an industry and as it relates to the earth and its impact. So we're doing really cool things That I I'm super passionate about. I never thought that my life work related to fashion. You like that to be honest with you. Can you talk a little bit about what you guys have? Been doing with making masks for people. Yeah Yeah Yeah so we have our own factory here in La we have twenty five dress makers and When this thing hit we pivoted we all right. We're going to just make masks and so We we sell a five pack for thirty dollars and we give away five as well to people on the Front Lines. And so yeah. We've just figuring out how how we how we can be helpful and how we can keep you know. The biggest thing for me was really just about keeping our employees employed. Yeah we are team employed and then be helpful and so it was like running to sell these masks. We she probably helped along frontlines as well so that was the choice. We made. Okay well. Let's talk a little bit about survivor. Forty because we want to get your take on everything. That's going on a great week to have you here that we picked a great episode to talk about before. Get into this week. I would love to hear your thoughts on the season overall through eleven weeks of this show. Yeah I think it's been really fun to watch I. I don't know if it's because I'm an old school player or because I think there was probably some free gaming or some thought but it was really a bummer to see them eliminate all the old school players. It just it it. Maybe it's because I know those people better too but those are the people that I wanted to see playing but I I think it's been a great season I think each each person who's won. This game has a unique set of skills Unique personality traits that make them very likeable and That's been really interesting to watch. Because when they when they put this thing together they tried to carve out a villain or they try to carve out a goat and and it's easy as a viewer to get sucked into that but really like each each player really has their own unique gifts and it's been fun to watch that. Yeah so Michael Kimball wants to know from you. that. Who would you be interested in playing with if you were on the winners of war? Who are the people that jump out to you that if you were there that you think you would have had an easy time working with well? I think for sure. I'd probably have a real easy time working with Tyson because every before Kim I. She's so intuitive. It's pretty amazing. I liked nieces. Well I think her game is great poverty because we have a relationship outside of the game. Were friends You know poverty from before she even plate right. Yeah Yeah Yeah Poverty I I Bequeathed the information that Bobby John Bequeathed to me before she left. Yes when be mindful of who sleeping next to who because you typically sleep next to your alliances. Yes so permanent Ethan Yeah those people are the people that I probably would finish in playing with Just just from friendships and denise is really the only one that I don't have a personal relationship with always met once or twice but I I. I like the way she plays the game. I also really. I really like Jeremy. I find him to be very like one. I probably would have found myself wanting to work with them as well so I would love to get your take on The big move that Tony pulled off this week where he ended up pulling out this Move which was four three to vote against Sophie to knock her out of the game and then ultimately Come up with this new group that he walked away from it and I think that the natural comparison that a lot of survivor fans came away from like wow. This is not unlike the Panama. Three to one that you and Sirri and I believe it was Danielle as the third part of the three to one ended up executing did you see parallels between that move and what happened here with Tony Man honestly. I didn't see them when you say it. I you could draw parallel if you really wanted to draw something but there. That was Tony's move is such. I mean we if it was really hard for me to understand why he made that. Move to be perfectly honest with you. Okay because you break it down so tomorrow or next. Wednesday's vote right now. We're four four presumably. The everyone that Tony burned is gonNA turn against him so now. You're either going to rocks. He does have a hidden immediately. Can Play I don't know why if he was gonNA make that move. Why he didn't let Kim and denise now I it would make more sense to keep more allies than to expose yourself as playing really hard. That being said incredible episode for Tony. I mean I love watching Tony. It's really fun to watch I. He's probably much smarter than I am. So he probably sees things You know ten steps ahead. I I don't really understand the move. It feels too aggressive okay. It feels like he's really exposing himself in a game where it appears that everyone is trying to stay with the pack as best. They cannot expose themselves right good. Well let's talk this through. Because I I like that. You're coming in with the contrarian viewpoint because I feel like that I've only really heard positive things I would love to explore this with you so in a way you're sitting and so the three to one actually makes more sense That even though it's not an apples to apples here. Because after three to one after courtney goes home then okay now. There's an odd number of people in the three is the majority here whereas in this four three two now we have eight. And so you're going to have where now denise and Cam and Sarah and Ben are going to be a four. That could be ready to work against that group and maybe that four that. Tony put together isn't especially when it comes together last minute isn't saying hey. I'm going to go rocks for Tony. Tonight and even if Tony places idle than the this could be the beginning of the end for Tony Yeah. It just doesn't seem like what's this. Tell me this like what's the risk in letting Kim Denise in on it like what what's the downside so for me. I think that this started to Come together was that. I think that we know you know how gifted of a player Kim is and I think that she was starting to ingratiate herself more and more with Sarah. There's a great secret seen wear Kim and Sarah were talking and I. I'd actually love to ask you about this where they were discussing. How Sarah? After her season really didn't like how she felt like oh on the bad guy or that she really didn't like feeling like the people made her feel like she was a bad person because she won the game and Kim said that she went through a similar experience. Where she yes she wanted. Us proud game. She played but that really people made her feel like that she was a you know a a bad person because she did what it took to win the game and I would love to know as a winner. Is that something that you ever struggled with? One hundred percent one hundred percent. Yeah I I remember talking to Kim. After she won and helping to call her nerves around that like I think every winter goes through it. There's a guilt you feel right In the game is innately nefarious. And you try your best to play it straight and Try Your best to play in a way that works with your own personal belief system. Some people don't try to play straight at all right at the end of the day play. Musical chairs is only enough for one and even when play musical chairs you can hearken back to like playing when your child there is certainly a part of you that wants to celebrate it but then as part of you like well damn why am. I the only one that gets to have it right. Uh-huh I think that's a pretty natural normal way to feel after winning survivor. Yeah but I think it's an interesting sort of and no pun intended but like survivor's guilt because as somebody who went far into the game and then ultimately didn't win I I don't remember walking away feeling like Oh I feel kind of terrible about what I did I. I might be a unique case but I don't in talking with other people that have gotten far and not one. I don't feel like I've spoken with a lot of people that feel like they really regretted doing the things it took to get them to a place where I felt like they regret that they didn't win. But I feel like that that seems like a maybe a unique thing to people who have actually played a hard game and then one. Yeah I mean the hardest thing is is like the people that you worked with right people that you really did have relationships with who didn't even burn. But they didn't win like that's Kinda hard right like a house with with. For example. Like with Sirri. Right like Serena I worked together. She didn't win. Why do I? I didn't play like some innately better game than three chips just fell in my favor. And that's an IT's I think it kind of relates back to just exactly what you said right. This like survivor's guilt Which all of us have a different levels around different things but with survivor particularly really highlights it because there is one have celebrated winner anchalee rewarded winner and everybody. Lci you get something but You know you're kind of also also ran Versus like that. That Person One survivor. And it's not a silly deserved right. Like me Terry. Danielle Shane Sirri like we. All basically played the same amount of that game But I walk into a room and I won survivor like somehow. I did something so special and we all know people who have won the game. We know it's a lot of luck and we know that To get that far in the game like everyone did quite well to do that. And so just to go back to where started with this that It seems to me like Sarah in Kim seems like that there is a bond there. Even this hour was talking about voting out. Kim Potentially as an idea last week as a secret seen earlier in the season where they seem like they had a real bond about their families and at the point. Where Kim and Denise are jumping on board with Sarah and Sophie and Ben About okay. Now they're also part of our numbers. I think that for Tony. I think that the clown car was getting too full at that point and I think he felt like that. I am not the biggest stakeholder here. It's between Sarah and Sophie. Really calling the shots and now they have other people that that could be used as well. You know votes against me down the road with people that I'm not as close with and why are we getting rid of Jeremy? Who is somebody that I've actually built up a good bond with where even though we were gonNA vote or not? The last time I've actually been able to spin him completely around to think that I'm actually his closest ally not I mean I. I see that argument for sure. I just think it's GonNa be a tough road ahead going that way. Now you're looking at four four and you've you've exposed yourself in to me..

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