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About the doctor. Yes. Let me tell you something. A couple of things. Doctor. The good doctor. She's patient. You know, I'm a Catholic missionary. If you spread the gospel of Jesus Christ of you have been Africa. I haven't Haiti or some of these Third World countries. You talk to which doctors and People that practice voodoo and everything and you try to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in it. They believe in something. Spirits really do that. You know that you don't you don't have you don't know about if you just a typical American if you never been around the world Spreading the gospel of Christ. So You know these? Uh you know, a zoo Catholic? I believe in demons and Exorcises ums and I've seen stuff, you know. So you can tell me about the power of Christ right then about that. I mean, so I agree. And you know, and and and, you know, Exorcises, um, is typically the word that's used in Catholicism's, but you and I both know that you know, exorcism in the Protestant churches, Deliverance. It's the same thing. You're delivering a demon from someone and people may want to make fun of that, Ronald. They may say, Listen to Ron Lynn. Steven. They're fairy tales a Ronald, you and I both know That one day. They will face the truth and it's going to be up or down. And at that point there ain't going back. Well, a lot of young of Americans. They never been to Cuba or the Dominican Republic, Haiti or parts of Africa, but they have no clue. You know, they sit back in their houses in America just backing talk and make fun of people. You've never been that they're welcome. You don't know anything right? Right? Another thing about John Lewis and as a black man. Listen, Steve And it may be controversial, but there's a group of black people that made a good living off of our march with Dr King Rain's been dead for years, but they made eight. Well, Steve Oh, yes, she Jackson. John Lewis. I mean, I'm not black people think about this sudden, but black people know what's going on..

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