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The confidence who's idiotic him. You can't You don't see that with Mick. He's not a perfect player, but what he's got arm talent. He was the number one overall pick for a reason. And I think it's too fancy. He's kind of unlocked him. Look. You don't want to ride Baker Mayfield. He's not. I don't think he's not gonna do it. Josh, Eleanor Patch Mahomes, but you could win with him, especially when you've surrounded him with the offensive line that they have their commitment to the run. They've got shoving hunts along with one of the best offensive lines in football. You let him play action, and his long is like your clothes. And if he doesn't get outside himself where he thinks, Oh, I could I could make every throw right? You could win with Baker made for sure, but they playing really tough division to She got to be careful. I mean, Baltimore is going to come back. They're going to be a the same solid team. They're going to score points during the regular season. They play with Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh is in a state of flux. Who do you trust? More than my time with? I mean, Mike Tomlin is man that could be trusted. So if they're going to do something over there, and they're going to rebuild their quarterback, they're gonna move on from raw flesh burglars. They might have to do it. He's about to learn how to type It gets in this good about their receivers. Claypool Johnson, Schuster Smith. As long as they catch the ball. It's misused to him, too. As long as they catch the ball. I feel pretty good about having to move forward. He is going to realize for the first time. You know, when you don't have the quarterback, it's you know, maybe they can find another one. They've been good. You know, they're good for Buffalo is a great story. Great great story for for region of the country that Sometimes gets forgotten. And you see all the silliness in the table breaking that goes out there. They call themselves the Bills Mafia. Hey, great, fantastic, entertaining. It's fun to see him back. Fun to see those guys good with a good young quarterback, Third year. Quarterback get things not Green Bay. Green Bay's awfully good. Who is indeed offensive coordinator over there. That was a hotshot. Yeah, Staley, Right, Right. Remember what you were telling me, boy, they'll play more nickel. They play more dynamic. Anybody else? More like boxes than anybody and Brian Baldinger broke it down. I don't know if you had a chance to see Baldinger yesterday on Twitter. He had like a seven minute piece on that I haven't seen yet. They ran a formation two backs. Shock information to backs three wide receivers. No tied at no time, you know, and they like to do that than emotion. One of the backs out, lone remaining linebacker had to go out. They had five front against five. Five against five. Somebody's got to win. Now an offensive lineman doesn't have to win. Offensive linemen can have a tie and went and win tie goes to the offensive lineman like this situation, not to the deal. I'm in D lineman has to win to make a play. And there they were in Iran. It nine times. They passed out of it also, and they had they bombed them. And if the linebacker went there were man. They knew it. The linebackers stayed. They started switching up. Then they knew they were in his own, and they knew exactly what they were by design. That's what they like to do and listen. When you do something defensively, you do it while you like to stick with it. But you give somebody time to go ahead and game plan against two weeks they had. Yes. Oh, look at that defense, and they found something to go against that. Your magical floor looks like coaching there. That's great coaching the offensive genius. The mat. That's an offensive genius in the division. I mean, helps when you got the quarterback, but it doesn't hurt two years in a row in the NFC title. How about was hard Pull the Jovon whims. Yeah, He didn't go up for the you know, he went right off his hand. I mean, what do you alligator? I mean that one for Let me go up and get the ball. We caught the most important one, though he did Yes, up by seven. Put him up by much more 3123323776. We got a ton Did we got a ton to do? We got lots to talk about. We're gonna have some fun, including some really good sound from the Tiger Woods documentary that you're not gonna wanna miss and Adam Schefter talking about what is likely going to be the story of the off season. That's coming up next. You're listening to Carmen in your coat..

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