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Is in demand, like Elvis was in demand. And yet he joins the fiscal Poche show on a Friday boarding. We appreciate it Jeffrey how you doing, my friend? Look, Elvis talking about your will remember the episode on the honeymooners where Gleason thing Ralph kramden bag. Fortune turns out to be the nickname of the parakeet Ning wall, any, you know. Jeff you buy me. Now me now to talk about that all the time is the funniest episode because he helps it on the bus. I don't think it's the funniest one. Hold on. Blabbermouth. No. By the way, you know, about the video that you can go on YouTube, and right? And just type and Trump on the honeymooners. They superimpose Trump's head on law, and Ralph turned to Trump and says Europe glad on how Lord and they you hear Trump saying, I'm a very stable genius. I'm at that. That's could be my favorite that the in reality the to favor one that I loved are sixty four thousand dollar question where he's what he's memorized every single song except the one that counts. And the other one is for the future future improve declared that could be an add lip on that because he slips and he way I'm gonna guess guess aloe notice to it. And had live chef for the future where oh, we're an art Carney. Does he ad ad-lib? Correct. Is that what you can say, no, the, the, the wrench slips out of his hand, and I think it's a decent who says, maybe we could try spearfishing. That was great. That was because they broke off the device. They were using. Invasion with a young comic. He was performing stand up in Boston and a drunken the back and singing, too, because, you know, we had a musical background, and he was singing to some drunk in the nightclub. Yo I'll actor can you do hamlet's soliloquy? Will he couldn't a year later? He returned to the same nightclub in the same drunk was there and yelled, the same thing to them. And Gleason in the voice of Reginald van Gleason to, to be. Question. And I know and maybe Al knows who that is. But all I remember is my parents told me that my father told me about Gleason coming through Newark, he would go to Newark, they would stop there before you to New York, so everybody Newark, you know, they would go to the clubs Norkin Gleason performing and avoid villain. Was as I watched that and I sat down with my eight year old with Charlie against spending the whole labor Memorial Day weekend. Jeff day love the Honey, you laugh or you don't live with Joey, why my wife always exiting poor people and people in the living in one room or two rooms. And she finds it depressing. And I love how the new year begins channel eleven mile place, every year they run all day. What is an route the so sexist in his approach, but also got the last laugh? So you got to always appreciate that. Hey, Geoffrey film wise. Rocket man is this is something new from not gonna do it. Roger clements. By the way, it's, it's, it's the second bio pic of a rockstar on this one about Elton John, and he played by Taryn Edgar ten and Elton John co-produced it, and it has a little it's very it's very different than bohemian rhapsody in that. It's the ethical, there are secret are some flashbacks, and there's some, some interesting staging and he thinks his own songs, and he squeeze things all the, the Elton John song. And it's great. They use the same costumes, and it shows how John had a lot of a father, and how he dealt with being gay, and how he came of age and became one of the biggest stars in the world. And it's I mean it's really really very well done. It's not. No, no so drama, and you'll never recognize Bryce, Dallas Howard as his mother, as, as twit of a mother and his father was a terrible man at never showed him any affection at all and was a soldier and was away a lot. And she said he had no guidance at all from his father, and how he struck out on his own and, and just any no he he back stabbed his first manager. And then I think he came to regret it, and it's really really very well done. Of course, the songs, I couldn't get couldn't get the song out of my head, even though they were not sung by John, which would have been the easy way to do it. And then there's trial by fire, which is a true story of a woman who began corresponding with a death row inmate in Texas the state that leads all others and executions, and nothing will Mantech between the two of them. She went to the bottom got to the bottom of the case in front out that he was innocent of killing his kids in a fire, and he was executed, anyway, at the end of the movie, the innocence project tells us. That one hundred and fifty people have been saved, thanks to DNA from, from execution Alabama. Just executed somebody yesterday. You know anyway. And funny, this gut Zillah king of the monsters. And again, again, yes, it's call. It comes from having we exhausted. The subject productions. But I think altitude is going to like it going to go. You're going to see his son, no doubt, especially the part where three headed monster. Destroys Fenway park. I suspect that Michael hardy, the director may be a Yankee fan, but I was cringing with the rest of his, you know, the monster. He's got jealous a hero got pillow. Fights off the other monsters. Ray. This is great. It's eighty five percent of, of, of dinosaurs fighting each other in China insects. And, you know, if you like it, you're going to applaud, you're gonna go crazy. And if you are tired of this, you're going to endure it, but the Fenway park thing looked shockingly real. So I hope nobody's going to build a monster. You know, I remember I'm old enough to remember. I don't remember my, my uncle Joe Joe's apartment in Rutherford. I remember we watched the original Godzilla, the original Godzilla, which was a Japanese film, correct with. Oh, yeah. Japanese actors in this. It's got a Japanese attitude toward. Yeah. But then Raymond Burr wasn't Raymond burn. The originally. Perry mason. Also, the murderer and rear window member that Jeffy, listen. I know we got your films and people get upset when if you say United different politically, and I still love you, man. We're this is what America's about. But I do have in my office Yana because bought a to me by some by the orthodox community on the because it says it says Jews for Trump. May I send you one, sir? Guman. You just be wasting your postage high touch. You're gonna say it says John McCain, John McCain on. And by the way, by the way, that, that David for you're going to give you an American. Marriage American Jews for Trump. And he's so popular in Israel, come on. You gotta give. That's right away, not named for John McCain named after his his father. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, Jeffrey, we love, you bet. It's good. I just said, I'm going to save them for you anyway. Next time we get together. I know you'll never see me wearing anyway. I have a good week. Thank you, realize they couldn't resist. Thank you said that. Seven forty eight with Joe with radio couple minutes couple of moves away from eight o'clock. Oh, by the way, so I gotta tell you what I'm doing in Nike very much. And I know I don't like not to be on the radio because I I'm going on a media research center, a cruise where I speak, it's like a speaking engagement this is in September. So that's about ten days. Nine days, ten days I will try to broadcast from the ship a little bit. Brent Bozell going on Lieutenant Colonel Allen west is on it. Cal Thomas, the legend conservative legend, and I'm honored actually be on this great cruise a speaking things. So I'll be there now. So I wanted me to stay on the Arroyo to the summer with you as much as I can to irritate you with much as I possibly can. Right. Then I have about a month off. Right. And then we go on the Parillo toy the gorilla that will at this. We are going to have such a great time. Tober nineteenth we go Frankie five boroughs is going come on? This is going to be the best trip ever, and I'm excited about it. But there we will be able to phone in 'cause my buddy, Mike Catt's, again, again, I always tell you about my, my Jewish buddies who told me how about the, the religion about the heritage and I saw a young young child virtually how great the Jewish religion is. And how my buddy Michael would go to the synagogue on fighting. He would go to go to church church temple, we go to the temple of fried egg, Friday, you go. And then we get up Saturday morning and Michael would go again, two services on Saturday morning, but I loved it. And to this day he is he is just as a true to his heritage as he was as a child, and, and there were, there were two different religions, but still best friends to this day, Michael just texted me from Italy for middle. He's seen all the US said. I said when I was in Israel, of course, I texted him back and forth. So I'm looking forward.

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