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Well. Hey hey hey yes. Excuse me turn down for what you guys make. Sure your name because everybody because that'll be looking shutout to michael grassy one in the room today. Good morning michael. How is everything going with. You get to see you. Shout to leshan brown. Oliver hailey sean. Good morning shout to nathaniel jones. Danielle what's going on. How are you shout to young young. And are you still in florida. What's going on out to audrey a johnson. Why oh and shout out to audrey jones. How are you actually. We got to order. Yes we do. Have to shout out to shaheed. Johnson hail shaheed. What's going on so much for calling. Shout out to raymond. Hawthorne hey raymond knew god bless you brother from shout out to lee for calling in to you. Lean shout out to you april. Hey girl hey shout to wm. Dixon hanes i'm. Um what's going on. Shout out to randy. Montgomery 'cause you the chat room member of the week. Hey chat room member of the week. Jim one for a limited time. Shout to veneta. George haven meta. What's going on because god bless you gotta is over there counting down her days to costa rica so girl. So you kind of buddy with this young and then roaming together. We're travelling together. Where swimming together. I'm gonna teach how to swim while we're down there and feel free to join us sean. You know how to swim city how somebody's ford days. Easy just floating. No we're going to end. No yeah for sure how to flip this on them and let them just gone girl. She's webb city. We saw god working where we city city. Why don't we does flow glow right on by body. This put a live on these folks flow. Now we're going to be everywhere. Were not together. Because she don't want to go to step over their independence day. But what's your level of responsibility as a travel partner. Web of is veneta george or anyone seeing responsible for everything important to have a good time. And take picks. Do you know that the the number one responsibility is being on time. Do you notice being time. Well yeah that's why she's like. I have to like sleep over her house before we leave. She like not chancing meeting me anyway. So wow this. Let's have an adult conversation true because she's like you're not meeting me anywhere because i was like okay. Well then maybe. I mean she was like no. We're just get you the day before. So we'll leave the buck crack of the board. No doubt so city. What time are you up the day before. I don't know she's done at work. Okay so please be on time for that. Everything has to be on. Time i know cheryl so shall have been shown to lazard. John who is awesome by traveler. Buddy girl i think leshan leshan are. We gonna see you in miami because we have a connecting flight in miami where we're meeting some of the other people so yeah analyst shine like her room is like bomb and supposedly. She's by herself. So i'm gonna be in there as well. Be lonely glen two possibly three plays. Because you don't bother me. They got a whole suite and everything they do over there. I'm sure there's a floor. I can be honest while sean. There's not going to be any room for you shoutout to lynette serano. That's all we're missing lynette. Is you but definitely an time. 'cause serano is a vibe shannon's ulan at all were missing. Is you on this trip. What's going on. You're working these babylonians got you by the throat was would a person like lynette who we love the deaf and ain't no financial situation. Stop her. That will credit cards today. She got free stay in these hotels. Atlanta ate the problem so maybe probably coast. You know she already owns a tree. Form somewhere in upstate. New york still to the net owns five trees is the snuff on the place. No shoutout to the queen. Hey queen diane and oakwood have been nice if the queen was rowling's to it'd be nice next year. Shot out to darren taylor. Hey what's going on. Dan will be in the building on sunday for hot sauce. Party come on now for. Dj hot sauce absolutely free. No table charles. No not come. On the celebrate darren taylor out to list sean brown. Leshan biak in the building right now. She's in general. Yes she's in the shower. God bless him. You won't be on their sunday showing now those heroes pictures with a hot talk no question about it so i can cost sources it has truly blessed to have this woman in his life who truly level at him right exactly exactly right getting him to smile. Shut out bought them. A new shirt bought out washed. His face took a rag in washington state to be standing up straight hostile. Gotta wear raha. Got roy high boots off. I cannot shout out to danielle. Well that is about girl. Hey dan yeah. Shout out to tiffany close aka. Tiffany what is going on girl. God bless you shout out to shelby shelby senior face. god bless her to shout out to derrick lawson. Hey derek what's going on bam smart guy your friend shout out to sharon bellas air. Hey sharon was on shoutout to germain a kill a do. Hey germain where you've been at bro. How are you doing godless. it's hear from you. Shout out to marina simmons. Hey morita where are you. Are you gonna be there on sunday c. On sunday i'm going to be mad. She was just like travelling. And your family is beautiful girl. She i think she was somewhere down. South or something to see her family.

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