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Marlins marlins orlands broadcast nice little weekend. They had thirty thousand people there on saturday. What why i know it was u._m. Night but i i don't know the the hat zeh renier bobblehead but yeah but i don't think it was a giveaway notre nine thirty thousand people went. I mean twenty nine thousand six hundred or whatever it was but you think that many people went just to buy hat. I wonder how many they sold so for those that are listening from abroad that don't know this be the marlins and the university of miami. Amy announced a partnership to sell retail hats that were the marlins hats but just branded with u._m. Colors and one of the hats. I believe had the you on the side. They look pretty dope as hurricanes mccain's fan and someone that doesn't really like the marlins. I need to call me. One of those hats heads are fire so i think that they were just selling that at that series and you had a lotta u._m. Fans and there were discounts because it was you. I'm weekend right. That's usually how those work out. That's a lot of people. I think that many people like u._m. Who am enough that they're going to go to a marlins game just by you. I'm close by that hat because it's a special. I mean you see you see the lines outside the shoe palace anytime. There's a there's a drop crazy. Moorlands orlands those hats will be available at the end of the year could've just stumbled into all the braves draw decent. It could just be a combination of things graves do draw. It was great energy from what i saw. I mean i wasn't there but from what i saw t._v. Was great energy line geffner tweeting out that this is the best energy and most exciting win that he's experiencing this stadium and year dave had really good weekend. Ken crowds like n- not maybe in terms of like numbers but like in terms of energy like i've gone a few times and the energy's really good. They're like gets loud and they had every reason reason to leave early because they were winning by. They were down by one in the ninth then they gave up a three-run homer down by four in the ninth so at that point i mean if i'm going to be totally on. I would have left. I was watching a game and i was like yeah. This one's this one's in the books and sure enough they came back and they tied it up in the ninth and then they want in the tent and when you see videos like there were still people in the crowd and they were going and crazy and then bark at the park the next day chris cody night over there behind home plate in ninth inning holding it holding a tallboy i see i sat in the best seats i've ever sat for baseball. I mean we're nothing to do with me. People were like oh e._s._p._n. And i'm like i was invited to this game by a friend. When were you holding the towel boy hitting the game. It was late. It was driving yeah. No no i just actually they're sitting separately. No no no i'm not this is not an inquisition about that. I'm like they cut off sales the high rollers. Did you finish a tallboy. Oh boy got it before. The seventh innings now just lasted anyways..

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