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Explicit specific cure instances were this is gratitude and taking care of each other in service admission and all kinds of and i like i said at the top. You don't have to be a service that missile submissive to perform acts of service for the for the other person or the other people in your life. And i think that if the term acts of service bother you invested in that a little bit but to reframe it taking care of each other helping each other you know being a supportive partner and it it can take on a variety of form so for some people doing something physically not going to be possible either because your longest relationship or because. You can't do things certain things i in a physical way won't part of what we do to take care of one. Another is emotional and mental. We spend a lotta time listening to one another. We spend a lot of time talking about how we feel supportive you when we don't understand how other might be feeling. We're very supportive of one another we are. You know sort of a soft place to land. That is taking care of your partner. That is helping your partner in a way that doesn't require any physicality is just sometimes. It's just being there and listening. Non judgmental way The first time the first couple of times came out to me with your sexuality. Because that's evolved. Over the years. I could see that you were bracing yourself for some reaction that you didn't get because one. I was an okay person to say that do into porto but that is an example of just. You had a hard thing to tell me. You didn't know how it going gonna take. It had nothing to do with our relationship. You wanted to say that to me. And the way i took care of us and you in that moment was to be the person i'd always been and completely and part of that was because of in the past the people had talked to the.

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