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The right side blocked at one point only one left lane was open Eastbound minor incident near the belt way quickly moved Beltway traffic still heavy between Bethesda and maclean toward the legion bridge and on the outer loop through Alexandria toward the Wilson bridge I 95 southbound getaway traffic remains very congested between Quantico and Fredericksburg slow going northbound through responsivity county on and off from a quiet toward the beltway and merging onto I three 95 Same kind of congestion in Maryland on the eastern side of the beltway near the lanham Largo landover exits all volume and on the BW Parkway between four 95 and fort Meade Parkway northbound your four ten crash reported On route three O one northbound traffic still jammed from central avenue past the ballpark for several hours at governor's bridge road only one right lane getting by the crash reconstruction toward 50 on three O one Heavy on 50 near I 97 typical of a warm Friday And two windy at the bay bridge for two way traffic on route 50 eastbound traffic remains slow from betal drive to the bay bridge It's been this way since noon not breaking news Two 70 clearing out I 70 westbound getting better Police action on a shoulder beyond Braddock mountain D.C. two 95 heavy both ways toward Pennsylvania avenue I three 95 slowed through southwest to and from the 14th street bridge Can't find the new car you're looking for try a fits way used car next to a new car if it's way cars best Does it fit small dot com for a good car And a safe car you could trust That's the Fitz way Dave dillin WTO pay traffic Storm team four four day forecast with Brianna Berman sold A beautiful finish to the week and some changes for your holiday weekend We're seeing high temperatures in.

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