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House writting performance. Oh boy come over to the podcast and meet the others. Podcast it's like a cross between the wireless and a gramophone knelt fellow pole. My present hugh. How do you. No one's ever made that joke before hugh. Who can we just move on past the huge folks. I'm sorry pool but he'd like to remain in company to and i think we should respect that after what he's done today that of course yes. I wait sir giles. Dr science of our podcast you in season as of adults who is working at the master. What well the other hugh who now. He's doing it commissioner. The master plan you weldon. Yes course you able to stay for the podcast here. Yes you must insist. Now thank you good. We need someone who get stuck in a secret passage the bill desert and it's always useful to have some new to blame you. Anything goes wrong. I see only thing is. I haven't got fancy podcast. Microphone was singing showing us. That's true pugh. We'd better get started before changed my mind. Hello and welcome to a special compilation edition of something who featuring the best bits from the episodes released in. Twenty twenty two are looking at doctor. Who's two great sporting encounters. Starting with the fifth doctor's cricketing in black orchid followed by the eleventh doctor's footballing feats in the larger and better to help us with that. Then h- youtube ville. Hello hugh i get evening today on what. It's great to have you on and welcome to what we're calling for one episode. Only something you say. Many of you will know. Hugh is sports. Journalist and managing editor of the cricketer magazine. But the three regular contributors here also know him as an occasional visitor to gallup free basis missing episodes threat. What really the deal spurs pete davidson. Your was already a fan of in great and small and then being the crooked doctor Really did that. That merged monte to migrate loves cricket india. Doctor who yeah. I guess i'd throw something similar with with me in that. It was fantastic to to two things could be combined although maybe not always fully coherently. No so what do we see in castro valley. We see that he's got his village. I suppose in in the tar which was sweet and although clearly it was Cgi was no color separation. I've lives is code in those days and then teams day. He threw the ball at cricket ball at the east side of the spaceship to sort of pell himself off. Which i think anybody with. The scientific leaning is dismissed as eric. Nelson's going gonna play the fifth on that one..

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